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    Bruce Dickinson Solovivor - Round 18: TYRANNY OF SOULS Joins!

    Mars Alchemist, Soul Abduction, Navigate Devil River Believil
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    A surprisingly good neoclassical instrumental guitar album.
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    NOW PLAYING New track, performed live.
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    USA Politics

    This recent interview where Biden sounded half asleep the entire time didn't help matters either. Every one of these wipes out 3-4 better performances in people's minds.
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    Now Playing (Video Games)

    These sales are going to do me in. I wound up grabbing TopSpin 2K25 for $30 on Prime Day since it’s never been more than 20% off its $70 MSRP before. Now there’s a PS Store sale dangling things like Dynasty Warriors 9 for $14, Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for $16, Crusader Kings III for...
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    USA Politics This seems like the final push. All current and recent former congressional leaders have now told him he’s risking their chances in the congressional elections and likely can’t win the presidency. Either he’ll...
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    I also recently rewatched all of House, and it really does hold up well as the rational absolutist power fantasy cartoon that it’s written to be. They were pretty fearless when it came to mixing up the status quo, and the “whatdunnit” mystery structure with elements of body horror and very dry...
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    USA Politics Interesting that 538 currently has the race at a 54% chance of Biden winning. They incorporate more factors like economic fundamentals rather than just polling, but I’m surprised that it deviates this much from recent polling averages.
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    The Greatest Metal Song Cup - Part II, Round 3, Matches 85-90

    I voted Aerosmith and read The Silmarillion, so it’s time to recheck your convictions.
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    The Greatest Metal Song Cup - Part II, Round 3, Matches 85-90

    “Dream On” vs. “Nightfall”: The Aerosmith song is excellent, while the Blind Guardian song is merely good (and uneven). A very easy call for Aerosmith. Winner: Aerosmith - “Dream On” “Ghost Of Perdition” vs. “I Am The Black Wizards”: The Opeth track is musically great, but with extra-shitty...
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    USA Politics

    At least this provides a lot of ad fodder from Vance’s “Never Trump” phase…
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    USA Politics Oh, JFC…
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    An ass-kissing article that hasn’t aged well, unfortunately. Th1rt3en had its moments, but its explicit rehashing was annoying and it was a big step down from Endgame.
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    Bruce Dickinson Solovivor 2024 - Round 17: THE BEST OF BRUCE DICKINSON

    Are 4 of the 6 Best Of… tracks getting promoted? That seems…excessive. Acoustic Alchemist Dracula Jam
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    USA Politics

    Fucked up. We’re supposed to address our differences with words and votes in this country, no matter how reprehensible we may think a person is. Hopefully we’re not looking at a rerun of our 1960s political violence again…
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    USA Politics An interesting angle.
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    The Greatest Metal Song Cup - Part II, Round 3, Matches 85-90

    Oh man, Loosey’s gonna cook your goose for that…!