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  1. Spectralmusic

    Caught Somewhere In Time

    Such a fucking awesome song, you can feel the scifi coming through. Possibly their best opening track too imo
  2. Spectralmusic

    To Tame a Land

    One of their best songs (and scifi too) :D I'm guessing Steve was really really into Dune when he wrote it :dancinggeek:
  3. Spectralmusic

    The Number of the Beast

    6....1...6....the number of A beast: Emperor Nero is having fun tonight.
  4. Spectralmusic

    Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

    *Edgy kindergarten atheism
  5. Spectralmusic

    Iced Earth

    Did Jon forget about the "Days Of Purgatory" album and "Overture Of The Wicked"? :rolleyes: It certainly warped his "Something Wicked" saga up :yey: Learn from your mistakes Jon
  6. Spectralmusic

    Top 10 metal songs of all time

    Nope, it's just rock (and not their best song either)
  7. Spectralmusic

    Misheard lyrics

    When I was a kid I used to hear the chorus of TETMD as: "Living on the Regis list Balanced on a hedge" Firstly why is Bruce singing about Mr Philbin, ? what does that and the hedge have to do with the evil that men do going on and on?
  8. Spectralmusic

    What if (in an alternative universe)...

    I'd like that a lot more than what we actually got
  9. Spectralmusic

    Your Ideal Setlist (using only one song per album)

    Fuck it, let just go straight for the big ones: Set: Phantom of the opera Hallowed be thy name To Tame a land Rime of the Ancient Mariner Alexander the Great Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Sign of The Cross Dream Of Mirrors Dance Of Death The Legacy Isle of Avalon When The Wild Wind Blows The...
  10. Spectralmusic

    Your Ideal Setlist (using only one song per album)

    Now THAT, is a concert I'd pay to see!! Love it
  11. Spectralmusic

    Your Ideal Setlist (using only one song per album)

    And everyone leaves out Gangland and Back to the Village for the fast/upbeat ones?
  12. Spectralmusic

    Your Ideal Setlist (using only one song per album)

    First half: Sea Of Madness Flash of the blade Children of the damned Where eagles dare Infinite Dreams Paschendale Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg Strange World Phantom Of The Opera To Tame A Land Second Half: Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Starblind That Girl (Band completely shocks everybody)...
  13. Spectralmusic

    The Ultimate Overplayed Iron Maiden Songs List

    I'm gonna be very blunt, take it or leave it: Run To The Hills Number Of The Beast Hallowed Be Thy Name The Trooper Aces High
  14. Spectralmusic

    Somewhere In Time: Album Discussion

    My favorite Maiden album, despite my initial indifference to Wasted Years. Everything about it the songwriting, instrumental performances, instrument tones, the lyrics, the theme. It's all just perfect.
  15. Spectralmusic

    Iron Maiden

    Doesn't quite beat something like To Tame A Land, Rime Of The Ancient Mariner or Empire of The Clouds. In it's own right, out of the context of the Maiden mythology, it's not overall that amazing but something makes me decide to choose a 9/10 It's surely a showstopping work live, their...
  16. Spectralmusic

    Worst Iron Maiden Song

    Well I think Bruce's solo catalogue is better than a large chunk of Maiden's post-Seventh Son music (however sacrilegious you may consider it) See how this works?
  17. Spectralmusic

    The Beckett Connection

    Regarding someone's earlier comment here, yes it is a very fishy situation