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  1. permanenteddie

    Top 5 albums from the decade of 2000s

    Iron Maiden - Brave New World Iron Maiden - A matter of life and death Fates Warning - Disconnected Rush - Vapor trail Ark - Burn the sun
  2. permanenteddie

    Albums of the decade: Your fave 5 albums from the 1990s (all genres)

    Fates Warning - A pleasant shade of gray Megadeth - Youthanasia Angra - Holy Land Dream Theater - Scenes from a memory Iron Maiden - The X Factor
  3. permanenteddie

    Albums of the decade: Your fave 5 albums from the 1970s (all genres)

    Rush - Hemispheres Rainbow - Rising Genesis - Foxtrot UFO - No heavy petting Jethro Tull - Thick as a brick
  4. permanenteddie

    The Song Name Game

    Bleeding me - Metallica
  5. permanenteddie


    Funny how opinions can be the total opposite. For me, RTL has by far the best production from the first 4 albums and probably the one that has most of my favorite ones from the 80's: Creeping Death, For whome the bell tolls, The Call of Ktulu, Fade to Black.
  6. permanenteddie

    The Song Name Game

    The god that failed - Metallica
  7. permanenteddie

    The Song Name Game

    Guns n Roses - Paradise City
  8. permanenteddie

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    BNW, AMOLAD and Senjutsu are the top 3 from all the reunion albums for me. The more I listen to Senjutsu, the more I like it. Started as a good one and now I think it's definitely great!
  9. permanenteddie

    The Future Past Tour 2024

    My biggest hope for 2024 is that GhostofCain stops his comments on Bruce each and every time he has the slightest opportunity becomes really tiresome and really childish...time to move on don't you think? But you can't help yourself, can't you?
  10. permanenteddie

    Janick Be Thy Name!

    It's truly difficult to make just a top 5 since most of the time a lot of the songs he wrote are among the best in each album. Ok, lets give it a try: 1. Be quick or be dead 2. Ghost of the Navigator 3. Montségur 4. Dance of death 5. The legacy 6. The book of souls 7. The time machine ...ok...
  11. permanenteddie

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    He's very clear-sighted actually...all you have to do is to check what bands have been headliners for dozens of years has nothing to do with "scaring off the oldies..." it's just a fact that young bands (and I'm talking here about bands with a 15-20 years of career already), have never...
  12. permanenteddie

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    I definitely agree here...It gets tiresome in the long run, same as with the ones constantly bashing Janick or Blaze, get over it, we all understood your point of view and opinion, no need to repeat it over and over again...from time to time, it's perfectly normal since I don't think any of them...
  13. permanenteddie

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    I really don't know what is wrong with Bruce's statement...he just basically says that they were doing their thing and didn't change anything at all in order to please "no regular Maiden fans". And also yeah, as a performer, it might be frustrating when the people at the front row seem to not...
  14. permanenteddie

    Blaze vocal performance

    Yeah, this is something I never quite understood. - replacing an iconic singer in such a legenday band is already a source of huge stress for the new singer, no matter his the level of experience - yet the band chose a singer with very little experience, specially in terms of long tours (which...
  15. permanenteddie

    Blaze vocal performance

    I think you partly answered to your own post in the other Blaze thread. Most of the times, fans are fans of the band, not of the members themselves. Of course, there is always the idea of the classic line-up but if one of these members leave the band to start a solo career, no matter how much he...
  16. permanenteddie

    Who was auditioned to replace Blaze?

    It's understandable that probably Steve was so sick and tired of Bruce (we should not forget as well that they never were the best friends in the world, far from it) and maybe he wanted to prove that Maiden could survive without Bruce that he decided to go the opposite way and have a singer that...
  17. permanenteddie

    Who was auditioned to replace Blaze?

    I think it's unfair to compare BNW sales with the ones of NPFTD and FOTD since the early 00's were the start of the Napster era so lots of downloads going on and since this was big news I'm sure there are a lot of fans that did it and didn't care buying the album afterwards. Not saying here that...
  18. permanenteddie

    Top 10 Iron Maiden song intros

    Just ten...ouch, ok I'm gonna give it a try Murders in the rue Morgue: while I'm not of a fan of the whole song, the calm intro is just magic, it really sets a certain kind of atmosphere that unfortunately totally disappears after that The number of the beast: the spoken intro followed by that...
  19. permanenteddie

    Who was auditioned to replace Blaze?

    :lol:not really, Andante's post just made me remember of this talk we had about it, with a friend, long years story, but that's about's just fun sometimes to try to imagine a different reality...oh and not really into "new Coke", I'd rather have a belgian trappist beer or a...