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  1. Ray K.

    tour books

    Hi. So sorry for the delay! I am actually on a business trip and have been a bit preoccupied. Okay. so I am still interested in the book if you are. I will be home on Friday and can send you a money order or check for the book. Private message me your info. Also, I have quite a large kiss...
  2. Ray K.

    tour books

    Hey Brian - Thanks for thinking of me. Crazy story about the tour books but glad it got to you eventually. I am interested. Maybe we can work a trade. Only thing is that I don't have any spare maiden tour books at the moment. I do, however, have a few Maiden silk flags (number of the beast...
  3. Ray K.

    Iron Maiden pictures

  4. Ray K.

    Post your Iron maiden concerts

    Madison Square Garden 2000 Madison Square Garden 2008 Izod 2008 Jone's Beach 2012 Prudential Center 2012 __Cool Eddie <Guy who posted above me> We were at the same show =)
  5. Ray K.

    Special Who Dat Thank You from New Orleans Fan to Iron Maiden!

    I tell everyone that seeing them live is like a religious experience! LOL I converted my sister when they came through NJ. Glad you had a good time. Be safe!!
  6. Ray K.

    Merchandise Sold At Maiden Shows

    Oh! thank you so much for the info! Didn't know that. I collect tour books and am always looking for them. now i know =)
  7. Ray K.

    Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark to be Re-released in IMAX

    Just saw the episode of the Big Bang Theory where they are waiting in line to see the re release of Raiders of the Lost Ark and then of course hilarity ensues. I would love to see that! Thanks for the link.
  8. Ray K.

    Paul DiAnno on That Metal Show

    Aw bummer! Sorry about that! I'll keep my eyes open for it on or something that's more accessible. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Ray K.

    Paul DiAnno on That Metal Show

    Yeah that's what I was thinking. I am not sure if TMS is shown overseas or not and I know that the majority of people on this site are not from the US. Glad you enjoyed it! =)
  10. Ray K.

    Paul DiAnno on That Metal Show Did not find it on but here is the link to That Metal Show. Under 'Full Episodes" you can click on the link and you can see the entire hour with Adrian. This is from this past season. Such a soft spoken man...
  11. Ray K.

    Dream History Setlist

    Simply start at the first song of the first album and when they get to the last song of the last album.....stop. LOL :p
  12. Ray K.


  13. Ray K.

    Paul DiAnno on That Metal Show

    This is from That Metal Show which is a show for all things hard rock and heavy metal with the awesome Eddie Trunk. The special guests on the show that week were Slayer (also a cool interview with Kerry King and Dave Lombardo) but at 9:00 is a 2 minute or so segment entitled "10 questions with...
  14. Ray K.

    Anyone want Derek Riggs back to do the bands artwork?? whats up with dissin him??

    I just got the derek riggs book that is offered on his website as a gift for my birthday. it is pretty cool. If you are a big fan of the artwork or a huge Maiden fan, it is worth it to own. If you you are the average or sometimes maiden fan, not a necessity. The pics look great in here and they...
  15. Ray K.

    London 2012 Olympics

    I'm one of the few I feel who didn't mind the tape delay. 1. i got to watch more stuff. Fencing during the day for example and then swimming and gymnastics in the evening and 2. good tv in the evenings.
  16. Ray K.

    London 2012 Olympics

    The closing ceremony sounded like it was a success but i have not found anything the who. I have not even seen a review in print. How was it? I missed the closing ceremonies. =(
  17. Ray K.

    Anyone want Derek Riggs back to do the bands artwork?? whats up with dissin him??

    hahah Haven't seen this one yet. love it!!
  18. Ray K.

    dress like Bruce Dickinson

    omg he always had the craziest pants! lol i hear he has input in the style of what he wears.
  19. Ray K.

    dress like Bruce Dickinson Some of the tshirts he wears on this tour is from here. It is his son's line. I think he is doing it to help promote the line because it is new. ps...i don't think this is a spoiler but if it is please let me know.
  20. Ray K.

    Happy Birthday to Bruce Dickinson!

    Happy Birthday! Wishing Mr. D all the best. He's given us a lot of joy through the years. Hope he gets it back tenfold.