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  1. Donner

    Bruce Dickinson

    I am also honestly really surprised at how much straining there is all over this album. I kinda figured that was a symptom of Harris "good enough" approach, but this is an album where 100% of the vocal lines were in the hands of the singer and it's still happening which is bizarre. Bruce's...
  2. Donner

    Bruce Dickinson

    First listen through was not terribly positive. Second listen is a little better but the different vocals are really jarring and I'm just not vibing with this at all yet. Hope more listens will change my mind.
  3. Donner

    Bruce Dickinson

    I haven't heard a note from this album yet outside of the two singles, so I'm looking forward to hearing the whole thing tomorrow finally. None of my physical pre-orders have even shipped yet, so thank goodness for streaming! I'll be up bright and early getting a few listens in! It's not...
  4. Donner

    Blaze Bayley

    I'm digging this one but I agree, the auto-tuned vocals are a turn off. And I kinda don't get the dual thematic sections of the album itself. But it's a pretty fun listen!
  5. Donner

    Judas Priest

    New song is cool, the chorus reminds me vaguely of something from their 70s work but I can't quite place it. Halford sounds great but I doubt he could pull off all of this as recorded live every night but I guess we'll see. But man, I just am so tired of the Sneap production. It sounds so...
  6. Donner

    Bruce Dickinson

    I'm honestly more intrigued now that I've learned this isn't a straight up metal album. While I love AOB and CW (TOS eh, less so), I find BTP and Skunkworks far more interesting albums because Bruce was truly stepping outside of the Maiden box on those records. He's in Maiden now so to present...
  7. Donner

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    I've been on a huge Maiden kick as of late, primarily the reunion era material. This ranking is probably in line with the last time I did this, but as of Jan 2024 my ranking would be - 1. A Matter of Life and Death 2. Senjutsu 3. The Book of Souls 4. Dance of Death 5. Brave New World 6...
  8. Donner

    Bruce Dickinson

    Listening to it on Apple Music this morning, I like Rain of the Graves slightly better without the video. But only slightly. I liked Afterglow much more. If AoR is a solid 7, this one is sitting at like a 5. The spoken vocals almost feel like something straight out of Shoot All the Clowns...
  9. Donner

    Bruce Dickinson

    Video was better than Ragnarok, but the song itself was super underwhelming. They chose this as a single to represent this album? Yikes.
  10. Donner

    The Assassin

    There actually was a brief period of my life where this was my favorite Maiden song :oops:. I first discovered Iron Maiden back in 1991 and No Prayer For the Dying was my first ever Maiden album. I had never heard anything like it at the time and I was completely infatuated with Maiden's...
  11. Donner

    Bruce Dickinson

    My only production quibble was with the Atmos version. To be fair, I find those mixes entirely pointless anyway. This isn't something apparent (I assume) in the physical version, just some funky 3D mixing or whatever. The stereo version sounds fine to me. I'm still warming up to the song...
  12. Donner

    Bruce Dickinson

    I found the video really distracted from the song itself during the premiere. Too many sound effects, too much general silliness, too much over the top whatever that was. The video felt like a cheap Sci-fi something. I'll never watch it again and I can totally see why Maiden don't bother...
  13. Donner

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Metal Hammer Germany used to grade on a 7 point scale, so a 7 is the highest. Why in the world they do this silliness I have no idea. So the review of Book of Souls Live Chapter up there is a 6/7.
  14. Donner

    What are you more excited about - New Maiden or Bruce? (Poll)

    A new Bruce album is a unique event we haven't had in a very long time. It's relatively rare and highly likely to result in some amazing tunes. Musically, I still prefer Maiden though. Nothing really beats the lead up to a new Maiden album for me. I hope we can get one more after Senjutsu.
  15. Donner

    Those that have been to 10 or more Maiden gigs

    I've been lucky enough to see Maiden 29 times over the last 27 years. My Top 3 would probably look like - 1. Baltimore, 1996 - The X Factour live at the Hammerjacks club in Baltimore - Not my favorite version of the band, but you never forget your first and this was my first Maiden show. It...
  16. Donner

    The Future Past tour 2023

    Prisoner is a classic that hasn't been played nearly enough, nice to see it in this set.
  17. Donner

    The Future Past tour 2023

    I am really just looking forward to ending speculation and moving solidly into complaining about a set list that was never actually promised to us in any way aside from a general theme. 3 more days!
  18. Donner

    Your Album Ranking

    Here's my list today. Like many, things shift from time to time, but I basically have these set into 4 different categories. --These are my two favorite albums of all time, their positions will most likely never shift up or down-- 1. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 2. Piece of Mind -- These are...
  19. Donner

    AMOLAD tour memories and opinions

    I saw this show twice, in fact it was the very first time I travelled more than 50+ miles to see Maiden and the first time I saw multiple shows on a single tour. I saw shows in both Camden and East Rutherford. Camden was notable as Jer said - the tank did not work during Iron Maiden at this...
  20. Donner


    I can't speak much to the drum playing per se, it's not really something I notice unless there are obvious mistakes. Songs are a touch slower now, that I do notice. But the one thing I did notice when I saw them in DC last week is just how incredibly amazing his new drums sound. I honestly...