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  1. SandMaN

    New album cover art just posted!

    I was afraid of the new cover, because the last one was really disappointing.... But I really like this one, I think its good and shows Maiden spirit.
  2. SandMaN

    Maiden South American Tour

    Hey guys! Take it easy, both of you. I´m from South America as well. And I suppose many of you who are joking with this tour dates are from places where Maiden comes frequently, like Europe, US, etc. For us is really surprinsing when a band like Iron Maiden decides to come here. Here they dont...
  3. SandMaN

    Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg Video

    I dont really like the last videos from Maiden. I like to see the band, the whole band playing, running, smashing... This video is just like the Death  on the road, where you see every scene for less than a second!!! You cant figure the whole situation if you see 1 second from bruce, then 1...
  4. SandMaN

    Is anyone from South Africa here?

    I just wanna know som prices there, just like food, local travel, internet access and all that stuff. I'm going as a backpacker in march 06. Thanks a lot!!
  5. SandMaN

    Is anyone from South Africa here?

    Hi. I'm planning a trip to south africa next year, and have some questions to ask to someone who lives there. Is anyone of you from there? I'll appreciate your help. Thanx SandMaN
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    I'm reading a SAP FI-CO course!
  7. SandMaN

    A sad thing I've read

  8. SandMaN

    Iron Maiden on

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  9. SandMaN

    Run to the Hills techo/disco remix

    I didnt like this version of Run to the hills....
  10. SandMaN

    top of the pops

    Thanx. I didnt know what you were talking about!
  11. SandMaN

    new bootleg

    Do anyone know sth about this? What about the quality?
  12. SandMaN

    top of the pops

    Is TOTP a radio program in the UK?
  13. SandMaN

    Maiden metal hammer

    Do anyone know if its available (or if it will someday be) in South America?
  14. SandMaN

    New Eddie in Swedish Newspaper

    I dont like this draw.... Every new Eddie I see is worst than the previous!
  15. SandMaN

    future releases list with info

    I really dont like these albums... this was a bad part of maiden history in my opinion... In what things do you note these differences?
  16. SandMaN

    future releases list with info

    IMO, the worst maiden albums...
  17. SandMaN

    Metallica Owes Everything to Maiden

    [!--QuoteBegin-Rah1+Apr 12 2005, 01:26 PM--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(Rah1 @ Apr 12 2005, 01:26 PM)[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--QuoteEBegin--]I agree. Metallica was great. Keyword was great. I have lost all respect for them now. They are no longer the band they used to be and will...
  18. SandMaN

    Would you buy that car ?

    This peugeot model isnt available in Argentina, I think.... And here, if you have a good car you get assaulted or kidnapped... so definitely no!
  19. SandMaN

    future releases list with info

    I didnt know about this requeriment of Bruce... which albums were produced by Steve?