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  1. czgibson


    I was just behind the sound desk at Download positioned in front of one of the speaker stands, so the sound was great for most of the show. No problems with wind from where I was standing. On the first three songs Bruce's voice sounded a bit toppy, but other than that it was great. I'm going to...
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    Steve Harris Signature Bass Review

    I've no idea if Fender has any plans for the West Ham bass - I'm still waiting for it though! Interesting that it has no Fender decal on the headstock. I wonder if it's a Fender neck he has on there. Very curved radius by the look of it. What's the radius on your bass?
  3. czgibson

    Steve Harris Signature Bass Review

    Nice review. Glad you're enjoying your bass. The one I'm waiting for is the West Ham bass. I think it looks exceptionally cool even though I have no interest in West Ham or football at all.
  4. czgibson

    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    Yep, sounds good. He said "I think it's Saturday the 2nd", but of course Saturday is the 3rd.
  5. czgibson

    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    At Download yesterday Bruce announced they'd be playing the O2 on 2nd August.
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    Iron Maiden - EN VIVO - Live from Estadio Nacional, Santiago!!

    The documentary is as detailed a view of the band's touring regimen this time around as you could wish for. I can't think of another band that would willingly offer up this much detail for obsessives like us to pore over. Three to four days to attach the decals on the plane, you say? New...
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    Iron Maiden - EN VIVO - Live from Estadio Nacional, Santiago!!

    Really enjoying the DVD. Again and again the thought running through my head: "this is no ordinary band". Everyone is on spectacular form from what I've seen so far. Interesting editing during 'The Wicker Man' - Dave switches from a Strat to a Les Paul then back again.
  8. czgibson

    Is "The Final Frontier" a hard song to sing? Why does Bruce have a hard time with it?

    Maybe he's just getting warmed up on the opening number. 'Aces High' on Live After Death has a few notes that go astray too. The guy is amazing, though. I think his singing now is as good as it's ever been.
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    A 17 minute Maiden tribute song

    Funniest thing I've seen for ages. Great work!  :lol:
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    Your Questions for an interview?!

    Shame we won't get to see the results of the interview. I would have asked them to see close-up demonstrations of their musical skills: Steve's right hand, Nicko's feet, Dave's legato, etc. on footage that doesn't flick around the camera angles every nanosecond. Maiden's music is more complex...
  11. czgibson

    What's the cheapest and good tone Marshall amp for practice?

    Glad to hear you're happy with your new amp. May it bring you much joy and much rockin'. You need to spend time exploring what the controls do. Every amp sounds a little different, and the guitar you use will of course also influence the sound. Here are some quick tips. I expect you'll know...
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    What's the cheapest and good tone Marshall amp for practice?

    I've tried both and I would definitely go for the Cube. More versatile, more convincing sounds and easier to use. Don't be distracted by the fact that the MG30DFX has the word 'Marshall' written on the front. For a good Marshall you have to pay a bit more and get something with at least one...
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    Misheard lyrics

    Infinite Dreams: "Caviar. Coincidence? Too many things are evident."
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    What's the cheapest and good tone Marshall amp for practice?

    Try this: go to a shop and try out a few different amps. Think about the different sounds you want. Think about what size rooms you'll be playing in. Think about which amp has the easiest control layout. Think about which one looks the coolest if you like. Then... Make a decision. Go for it...
  15. czgibson

    Infinite Dreams

    10/10 Another classic Maiden track that feels like it's taking you on an immense journey. There are so many ideas in the song that by the time it's finished I'm amazed that they've fitted it all into six minutes, yet at the same time it never feels like a tune that outstays its welcome either...
  16. czgibson

    'Doctor Doctor'

    I simply adore Maiden's cover of this song. It's a song that's an important part of their history anyway, and the elegance and poise that they deliver it with is remarkable. I think Blaze does a terrific job with the vocals, and it's easily one of my favourites from his period with the band.
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    CTRL + V

    Drinking sour milk from a cat’s bowl that had been outside for days and not being remotely ill
  18. czgibson

    Plagiarism or similar Rock/Metal CD covers? Kiss, Manowar, Bruce Dickinson,Angra

    Here's my favourite parody of Meet The Beatles: And another Beatles parody from the mind of Mr. F. Zappa:
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    Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)

    The different CD releases are simply summarised here. I haven't been able to find a more detailed collectors' discography that lists catalogue numbers etc. With that information you could find out for sure which reissue you have.
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    Hardest Maiden song to play?

    I am terribly old (well, getting there) and I can usually play most things, given time. Fast picking is something I've neglected, so things like 'Wasted Years' give me no end of trouble.