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  1. gor

    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    I'm happy to see that most people love the new album, hope it grows on me as well. It is a very good album, but for me it has a critical flaw: It never ventures out of mid tempo! I mean, on first listen, I was waiting for the explosive part of the title track or DOTC, or HOE to come and.... It...
  2. gor

    Did any of the songs from The Book Of Souls enter your top 10 maiden songs list?

    Unfortunately not. The best track on the album for me is the TBOS, but doesn't come close to top 10. The band need to work harder next time, composing, quality controling, recording, the whole deal! The album is half-baked.
  3. gor

    Disc 1 vs Disc 2 (yeah, Travis is going to kill me)

    Disk 1 for the win!
  4. gor

    Empire Of The Clouds

    There's a poll over at the official BB for a favorite between Mariner and Empire. Despite the novelty, Mariner wins by a great margin (55 to 12 votes so far). I think that speaks volumes. I do not agree with the opinion that they went for the solemn approach so the song doesn't warrant an...
  5. gor

    Tears Of A Clown

    Slowly growing on me... pretty good this time actually!
  6. gor

    If Eternity Should Fail

    3rd best song on the album for me, behind The Book of Souls and The Great Unknown. Great song, I love the down-tuned guitars, although I was surprised to hear Bruce state that it was their first song in "drop-D", because The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg sounds so much heavier. I thought that...
  7. gor

    When did Maiden leave EMI in Europe?

  8. gor

    When did Maiden leave EMI in Europe?

    I must have missed that one and I wonder how come no one has mentioned it since they were there since the beginning.
  9. gor

    Shadows Of The Valley

    Please elaborate...
  10. gor

    The Man Of Sorrows

    That's by far the worst sounding moment on the album. It sounds so forced and unmusical.
  11. gor

    Empire Of The Clouds

    I disagree. Who is to define the boundaries of a song just because it belongs to "a type of music". It may be a disaster ballad or whatever, but it's not just that, it's an Iron Maiden disaster ballad and it begs for a cathartic musical climax that never comes. In it's place, the same melody is...
  12. gor

    Empire Of The Clouds

    It'd be not a celebration but a musical depiction of it. Just like the crescendos on The Longest Day aren't celebrating death on the beech.
  13. gor

    Empire Of The Clouds

    OK. An 18 minute Maiden song with a subject matter of a giant air ship catching fire on air and crashing doesn't have an explosive part. That's a huge lost opportunity if I ever heard one.
  14. gor

    Empire Of The Clouds

    Ok, if that's the climax, it's a nice melody and all but it is very underwhelming and mid tempo. It should have been more explosive. Think Mariner. Such a huge song for such a huge vessel should have something more bombastic as a climax.
  15. gor

    Empire Of The Clouds

    My point is that a climax shouldn't have to be pin pointed by anyone. It should be self evident by definition.
  16. gor

    The Book Of Souls (song not album)

    A fantastic song, deserving to be the centerpiece of the album. My favorite of the album so far. The part after 7:30 is insane, Maiden on full speed. The best rhythm section part of the album.
  17. gor

    Empire Of The Clouds

    The fact that each one has to clarify what the climax is for himself is proof that there's no climax.
  18. gor

    The Great Unknown

    The surprise of the album and the only great short one of the album. Great build up, great riff, great lyrics, great vocal lines.
  19. gor

    The Red And The Black

    Fantastic song. Rich with fantastic riffs and solos. I can't understand why people find it to sound unfinished or rushed. Have no idea what the lyrics are about. They are intriguing but are a perfect example of how Steve's preoccupations with life / death / second chances have him stuck in a...
  20. gor

    Speed Of Light

    It grew on me when I heard it the the context of the album. Its nice. It's far from the worst on the album.