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    Hints collection thread for 2023

    It's referenece to West Ham vs Arsenal result from Somewhere in Time cover
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    Maiden Should Tour With....

    Maiden should tour with Blaze! But my dream combination would be Maiden/Priest or Maiden/Saxon.
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    Book Of Souls: Rate each song out of 10, give an overall rating!

    If Eternity Should Fail - 9,5/10 Speed of Light - 7/10 The Great Unknown - 8,5/10 The Red and the Black -6/10 When the River Runs Deep - 6,5/10 The Books of Souls - 9,5/10 Death or Glory - 7/10 Shadows of the Valley -4/10 Tears of a Clown - 9/10 The Man of Sorrows - 9/10 Empire of the Clouds - 10/10
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    Empire of the Clouds and me

    Amazing story!!
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    DJMayes' Complete Ranking Of Maiden Songs

    Lord of Light is fantastic song and it should be even higher on the list.
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    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

    Adrian running all over the place. Amazing!!!
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    Blaze Bayley

    Blaze is amazing. I can't wait for new album
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    Your Top 10 Maiden Songs

    1. Hallowed Be Thy Name ( greatest heavy metal song ever written ) 2. Empire of the Clouds 3. Infinite Dreams 4. The Edge of Darkness 5. Childhood's End 6. Rime of the Ancient Mariner 7. Caught Somewhere in Time 8. To Tame a Land 9. Strange World 10. Paschendale
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    TBOS Tour Predictions

    That'd be great. I hope it's true
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    The Book of Souls: General album discussion

    The Book of Souls song could easily be on Piece of Mind album
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    Empire Of The Clouds

    Thanks...Can't wait to hear this masterpiece
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    Iron Maiden songs that you flat out dislike?

    Fear of the Dark would be one of the best albums in Maiden discography if there'd be just 8 songs on it: 1. Be Quick Or Be Dead 2. Afraid to Shoot Strangers 3. Fear is the Key 4. Childhood''s End 5. Wasting Love 6. The Fugitive ( yes, I like tdis song ) 7. Judas Be my Guide 8. Fear of the Dark...
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    Iron Maiden songs that you flat out dislike?

    Don't look to the eyes of the stranger, Wildest dreams, No more lies, Hooks in You...
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    Your First Maiden Gig ?

    Trieste, May 1998, Virtual XI World Tour...Fantastic gig. And HEEEEEEELLLLLLOOOO to everyone:)