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  1. Frosst

    Are the longer Iron Maiden songs overshadowing the shorter ones?

    My favourite IM song is Run To The Hills which is a shorter song. I do however like the longer songs a lot however my top 3 IM songs is of the shorter variation. There are however times when I feel that people love Rime Of The Ancient Mariner just because it's an epic. This is rare but it does...
  2. Frosst

    Maiden's attitude towards new releases

    They really should be proud of their latest album. A masterpiece!
  3. Frosst

    Official Maidenfans poll: Favorite Maiden guitarist 2015

    That's great! I thank you for the recommendation. I did read that he co-wrote it with Harris, ofcourse as a big fan of Harris this further confirms he's among the best.
  4. Frosst

    Official Maidenfans poll: Favorite Maiden guitarist 2015

    Did he write TBOS title track?!! Well respect then! I love that song, my favourite from the new album.
  5. Frosst

    Official Maidenfans poll: Favorite Maiden guitarist 2015

    I don't have much knowledge in terms of instruments but I think Adrian is the best. Did he play in NOTB? I was originally going to go with Harris, but since he's a bassist and you can't choose him in the options I'll go with Smith.
  6. Frosst

    Best Eddie

    The NOTB Eddie (album-version) is the best.
  7. Frosst

    Stop soloing over Adrian!

    Yeah because if it wasn't of any substance I wouldn't write it.
  8. Frosst

    Stop soloing over Adrian!

    Well, because I'm rather new to this site I wasn't around when these threads were made. I really like to look through the forum and read these threads, reply to them if they are interesting and write something to contribute. I'm not doing it for any other reason than that.
  9. Frosst

    Stop soloing over Adrian!

    I must have misspelled it too because I looked at how you spelled it in your old post and did the same
  10. Frosst

    Stop soloing over Adrian!

    No, what am I doing on purpose? This is an interesting post I wanted to reply to because I agree with what you're saying.
  11. Frosst

    Stop soloing over Adrian!

    Yeah, on Pashchendale the solo's great!
  12. Frosst

    Fav. band member

    My favourite is Bruce. Because he's Bruce fricking Dickinson! In second place I would say Steve Harris. I like Burr too but sadly he's no longer with us...
  13. Frosst

    Where do you see Iron Maiden going after TBOS ?

    Or studio albums
  14. Frosst

    Favourite Album, and why?

    Number Of The Beast is my favourite album, it's also in my opinion the greatest album ever made. None of the tracks are fillers as they all fit perfectly. Run To The Hills and the title track are the highlights, in my opinion the two greatest Maiden songs.
  15. Frosst

    Bruce Dickinson a better singer in 1986 or 2016?

    NOTB-Powerslave was his peak voicewise IMO and nothing can touch it. His voice nowadays is good, better than what it could have been but he will never get back to the peak he had when he was young.
  16. Frosst

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    I agree, It's great!
  17. Frosst

    Religious beliefs of Iron Maiden fans

    Yeah, but I do live near a church...
  18. Frosst

    If the AMOFAD setlist didn't feature the full album...

    But are they better than Sabaton, The very masters of war-themed metal? :p:rocker:
  19. Frosst

    Religious beliefs of Iron Maiden fans

    Atheist, I personally don't know any religious person nor have I met one. Afterall in the country I come from (Sweden) most people are atheists.
  20. Frosst

    Which Golden Era Iron Maiden Album Are You?

    Number Of The Beast, which is just what I wanted.