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  1. Saapanael

    Friday - who did it best?

    Today is Friday. Thankfully not the 13th. Which song about Phriday is your favourite?
  2. Saapanael

    The guy who liked winter so much he decided to celebrate Christmas and his birthday on the same day

    :hbd: Night Prowler. Have a super awesome one! Here's to more girls than glass doors in the coming year.
  3. Saapanael


    Do you enjoy seeing the world through a camera lens? Have any of your photos come out well enough to share them? Whether you're a beginner (like me) or an old-timer, post your better snaps here.
  4. Saapanael

    43 wasted years

    Happy birthday, Wasted! :hbd: May there be metal and beer!
  5. Saapanael

    It's that day of the year...

    ...that marks Forostar's beginning in this realm. Next year we might see a jubilee ::). Happy birthday, Foro, may it be bright! :hbd:
  6. Saapanael

    Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?

    Greetings, traveller! Post your crazy twisted dreams in this thread, even if they're not very twisted. I, for one, would be interested in knowing what kind of amazing dreams you've had, and share some of my own. This thread can help keep track of the nocturnal visions for a longer time than our...
  7. Saapanael

    Saapanael's Top 50 Iron Maiden songs

    How difficult and time-consuming this task was. I'm still not completely sure whether this is 100% correct for me but I'll change it over time as my favourite songs change. I will also try to add explanations to songs and improve this thread but for now I'll just reveal the list. Enjoy: 1)...
  8. Saapanael

    Judas Priest's new album

    "Metal legends Judas Priest have finished writing their brand new album. “The writing process is complete,” Rob Halford tells Billboard. “Now it’s the painstaking work of making sure that you get every single note, every single nuance of the vocal, every tiny aspect…right. We’re still tracking...
  9. Saapanael

    Clive Burr passes away

    FORMER IRON MAIDEN DRUMMER CLIVE BURR PASSES AWAY We are deeply saddened to report that Clive Burr passed away last night. He had suffered poor health for many years after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and died peacefully in his sleep at home. Steve Harris said “This is terribly...