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  1. stvn1974

    Bruce Dickinson

    I like the single and can't wait for the full album. The only negative I can think of is that I wish Book Of Souls and Senjutsu had this producer. I can actually understand every word Bruce is singing because it doesn't sound like my speakers are at the bottom of a swimming pool three miles away.
  2. stvn1974


    I listen to Tool all of the time. The only album that didn't click with me on first listen was 10,000 Days. I stuck with it and once I got into the lyrics it has become my favorite Tool album. I can listen to Rosetta Stoned on repeat for a long time. It is also in my top ten songs of all time.
  3. stvn1974

    The Future Past Tour 2024

    Skipping Oklahoma this time which I expected based on the attendence to the last two shows they performed here. I enjoyed both and was surprised they even came back for the second.
  4. stvn1974

    Your Top 20 Metal songs

    To be honest I am not much of a metal fan so my list will be limited to the metal artist that I do listen to. I can't limit it to one per artist because then it wouldn't be my actual 20 favorite songs. Iron Maiden - Phantom Of The Opera Slayer - Jesus Saves Metallica - Disposable Heroes...
  5. stvn1974

    Judas Priest

    Dig the song. At this point I just want a good song that sounds like Judas Priest and they gave it to me.
  6. stvn1974

    Someone edits Senjutsu and posts it on YouTube

    As long as the person remixing/redoing the songs keeps the clipping in to keep it real then I don't have a problem.
  7. stvn1974

    The Future Past tour 2023

    If people were upset about Maiden not playing "the hits" then they are going to love Tool.
  8. stvn1974

    Bruce Dickinson

    Which Bruce solo album should I start with? I haven't heard any of them.
  9. stvn1974

    Bruce Dickinson

    Nah, listen to the original CD of Led Zeppelin's How The West Was Won which was produced by Shirley and then the new remastered version done by John Davis. Night and day difference. One sounds like your speakers are full of mud and the other is nice and clear. I will let you guess which is which.
  10. stvn1974

    Bruce Dickinson

    Thankfully Kevin Shirley isn't producing it. It shouldn't sound like your speakers are at the bottom of a swimming pool three miles away.
  11. stvn1974

    Senjutsu: Individual Album judgment and song ranking averages

    Senjutsu: 7 Stratego: 7 The Writing On The Wall: 8 Lost In A Lost World: 6 Days Of Future Past: 6 Time Machine: 6 Darkest Hour: 7 Death Of The Celts: 9 The Parchment: 10 Hell On Earth: 10 Senjutsu and Stratego would have been higher if the production didn't make them sound like the speakers...
  12. stvn1974

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Well, I sure wouldn't use Eddie as a before and after model.
  13. stvn1974

    The official Maiden Tshirt discussion thread

    I have bought a few t-shirts from the IM official site since they finally realized that they have some fans who are fatasses.
  14. stvn1974

    The Future Past tour 2023

    Top Seven Flare Distress signals Red Hand-held Flare (day and night) Parachute Flare (day and night) Red Meteor (day and night) Orange Smoke Signal (hand-held/day only) Floating Orange Smoke Signal (day only) Orange Signal Flag (day only) Electric Distress Light (night only)
  15. stvn1974


    I agreed with Metallica about the Napster thing then and I still think they were right. People give them shit for not making Master Of Puppets over and over. I also think they are one of the best bands at treating their fans right. They seem to genuinely care about them and not just as people...
  16. stvn1974

    The Future Past tour 2023

    I am hoping the upcoming announcement is that Steven Wilson has remixed all of the Kevin Shirley produced albums making them listenable. I am pretty delusional though.
  17. stvn1974

    This is why I'm against AI

    I would rather Iron Maiden let AI remix all of the reunion albums and replace Kevin Shirley as producer on any upcoming IM albums.
  18. stvn1974

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread but I didn't really know where to put it...
  19. stvn1974

    The Future Past tour 2023

    I watched a few performances of Alexander The Great on youtube earlier and it seems Janick showed Bruce some dance moves during rehersals.
  20. stvn1974

    David Lynch films

    David Lynch is my favorite director. I give all of this films 5/5 with the exception of Dune which is a 4/5. Eraserhead Blue Velvet Twin Peaks ( Series and Fire Walk With Me) Mulholland Drive Lost Highway Wild At Heart The Elephant Man The Straight Story Dune His music is pretty fantasic too...