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  1. Suicidehummer

    Nicko McBrain Live At Guitar Center's Drum-Off

    What do you expect? He has to follow the guitars' lead instead of setting the pace himself. This would be tough for any drummer.
  2. Suicidehummer

    Janick describes the playing style of H, Dave and his own

    I never knew how to describe Janick's style, but I guess that pretty much nails it; abstract. It's an acquired taste for most I think.
  3. Suicidehummer

    Creepy Maiden lyrics

    Still Life is the ultimate creepy maiden song.
  4. Suicidehummer

    Where can I find Donington Live 1992?

    I found it for like $10 at some small record store's going out of business sale. I don't even know if I still have it, I barely watched it tbh.
  5. Suicidehummer

    Misheard lyrics

    I don't get the hatred for Quest For Fire... I never thought anything strange about the song or lyrics until I started hearing it on Youtube and these forums.
  6. Suicidehummer

    Adrian's Strat

    LOL whoever told you that was talking out their ass.
  7. Suicidehummer

    Lady Gaga: "Nicko is a Sexy Beast!"

    That's what I mean. I don't see the huge talent everybody raves about, all I hear is regular pop songs sung by a pretty bland singer.
  8. Suicidehummer

    Songs (albums) to ignore

    I play whatever I feel like hearing, I don't skip anything deliberately.
  9. Suicidehummer

    Lady Gaga: "Nicko is a Sexy Beast!"

    While we're off topic, am I the only one who sees absolutely NOTHING special about Michael Jackson's music?
  10. Suicidehummer

    Misheard lyrics

    My fave: Not Maiden, but Bruce is in the video, lol.
  11. Suicidehummer

    Lady Gaga: "Nicko is a Sexy Beast!"

    Now I've never listened to Gaga, so I am working off a point of unfamiliarity here, but I think we should all be more open to other types of music. From what I can tell, of all genres, rock/metal fans are the most resistant to any other type of music, and I think it reflects badly on us. That is...
  12. Suicidehummer

    Paul's Going To Jail?

    Wohoo, the justice system fails again!
  13. Suicidehummer

    Whoa Whoa Whoa When Did Dave start playing a LP?

    In the Powerslave CD sleeve/booklet, Dave is pictured holding what looks like a LP Heritage, and on another page, I remember seeing him with a '70s SG Custom.
  14. Suicidehummer

    USA Politics

    I have mixed feelings. I think parents shouldn't be able to make a permanent decision like that, especially if only for religious reasons. I think its bad enough when parents brainwash their kids from birth to believe in their religion, nevermind mutilating them permanently. On the other hand, I...
  15. Suicidehummer

    USA Politics

  16. Suicidehummer

    USA Politics

    I don't think it's possible for the Tea Party to move any further right... and they claim to be a movement of limited government and lowering the deficit, but they wanted to extend Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest 3%? And I don't see them burning their Medicare cards...
  17. Suicidehummer

    E! The Modern Inquisition

    When you've grown up with parents that force that crap down your throat I would imagine it's hard to believe anything different. That's the only reason in modern day that anybody would believe in a religion.
  18. Suicidehummer

    George Soros on Marijuana

    I'm no Obama basher but I was disappointed to see a video of him laughing off the suggestion of legalizing marijuana when it was the #1 asked question through an online poll at a town hall meeting.
  19. Suicidehummer

    What Iron Maiden song you heard first?

    Where Eagles Dare. My brother's friend gave me his NOTB and POM CDs and I'm not really sure but it must have been that or Invaders.