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  1. Sth2112

    Now Playing (Video Games)

    Not much of a gamer, but we have a Nintendo Switch, I love to play some things on that (Skyrim, Fifa 23, Breath of the wild, anything Super Mario related). My kids play all the time. Right now I really like Super Mario bros wonder. I was a hardcore fan of strategic games in my teenage years...
  2. Sth2112


    Kiko will definetly not return in 2024. Don’t know what happened at home, but something more important than his job happened. He have three young kids to take care of. So depending what it is, I think Kiko will not return unless he want to himself. Well, Teemu will probably get the permanent...
  3. Sth2112

    Bruce Dickinson

    That must be the main man himself
  4. Sth2112

    Bands that should make a comeback A little delayed for obvious reasons, so maybe no touring until 2025?
  5. Sth2112

    Bands that should make a comeback

    Pagan’s mind will return next year at the earliest. I think they have been without a label for a while. They have all their own lives, but they write songs now and then. I remember Nils singing Run to the hills on The Voice, he did it well. By the way, I talk occasionally with Jørn Viggo...
  6. Sth2112

    What are the biggest reunions in music that are yet to happen?

    Oh there is many. I don’t like reunions, especially since all our favorites are becoming old by now. Nightwish with classic line up - see Nightwish thread. Stratovarius with classic line up - Stratovarius is really on fire nowadays. The new album is their best in God knows how long. They don’t...
  7. Sth2112


    Marco is burnt out and Anette will never handle touring for four weeks again. Floor is doing good, just hope she won’t be ill again. Maybe they will ask Tarja to return in a few years time, right around their 30 years anniversary. Jukka could also return then, if he can handle jetlags again. Me...
  8. Sth2112

    Steve Harris

    I am not surprised if there will be a new British lion album in about a year. The band have time to both recording and touring in 2024, and maybe they have already recorded most of it
  9. Sth2112

    Bruce Dickinson

    He was an important part of the band of course, just more a role like in Maiden (Write a few songs, record album and tour it), not being the main man like in ASaP (main songwriter and vocalist) and Psycho motel (main songwriter and producer of the first album)
  10. Sth2112

    Bruce Dickinson

    For Accident of birth, Adrian came in a little later in the process than Roy Z. He was supposed to do a couple of guest solos, but ended but playing on the record. Adrian had also spent time writing and recording the second Psycho motel album, and had probably used most of his ideas there...
  11. Sth2112

    Bruce Dickinson

    You can still get the album and don’t listen to the singles. I still do so other than the rare occation there are stand alone songs
  12. Sth2112

    Bruce Dickinson

    If eternity should fail demo could end up as a bonus track I think
  13. Sth2112

    Rate all their studio album cover artworks worst to best

    Dance of death Virtual XI The X factor The final frontier Brave new world The book of souls Senjutsu A matter of life and death Seventh son of a seventh son Fear of the dark Iron maiden The number of the beast Piece of mind No prayer for the dying Killers Powerslave Somewhere in time
  14. Sth2112

    Favourite inside jokes?

    Tony Newton Balze Steve doing the drums on Virtual XI
  15. Sth2112

    Blaze Bayley

    Thank you for sharing. That was an amazing interview!
  16. Sth2112

    Your Top 5 favorite movies

    Fellowship of the ring, the two towers, return of the king Braveheart Star wars ( original trilogy, then the prequels. The Disney ones…meh!) The last crusade Blade runner
  17. Sth2112

    Dream Theater

    Take away my pain is a very beautiful song. Hollow years as well. Lot of funky moments on the opening track, Burning my soul and Just let me breathe. FII have lots of nice and cool songs. And it has some good progressive turns as well. I loved it ever since first hearing it in 2002, and it...
  18. Sth2112

    Dream Theater

    1. Awake 2. Falling into infinity 3. Scenes from a memory 4. Train of thought 5. Images and words
  19. Sth2112

    Bruce Dickinson

    I think many millenials who are metal fan don’t know that the Maiden singer have solo albums. At least Bruce’s manager think so
  20. Sth2112

    Dream Theater

    Pretty sure he knew it was bound to happend at some point. He’s a grown man. When you replace a legendary member in a legendary band, you know they can replace you with him/her at any time they are talking again and promoters give the band offers they can’t refuse