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  1. ManinIronMask

    Steve's bass amp from Live after Death

    I don't have the liner notes anymore. Can anyone describe Steve's bass amp from the liner notes of Live after Death? I looked up some online descriptions and I don't think that's it. In fact, can anyone think of any concert video or music video where there is a good shot of the bass amp? I...
  2. ManinIronMask

    Jumbie Jamborie cover

    Did Iron Maiden ever do a cover of this and do something weird like bill themselves as "Genghis Khan?"
  3. ManinIronMask

    Worldwide album sales

    Telepathically, Nigel Goldenfeld says they don't publish Goldman Sachs numbers because Matt Richmond would be killed. Yes, they've sold a lost more copies of the Number of the Beast than that.
  4. ManinIronMask

    Bruce Dickinson

    Is Bruce's real name Ben Harold Gro?
  5. ManinIronMask

    Bruce Dickinson

    Richard Dwight Chamberlain is Bruce's real name, I have seen the signature in elementary school. On 2nd thought that's a slight exagerration. I have seen him employed with that name, but his real name he wanted to tell me once and he never got to. It was said once on the air on MTV news. It...
  6. ManinIronMask

    Bruce Dickinson

    Anyone know Bruce's son? Is it David Eric Grohl?
  7. ManinIronMask

    Worldwide album sales

    The wikipedia says their career album sales are about 80 million. What are the band's own numbers? The real reason is that I want to know the real sales figure for the Number of the Beast so that I can scare the hell out of people.
  8. ManinIronMask


    Does this song use cowbell?
  9. ManinIronMask

    Miscellaneous songs that sound like Iron Maiden

    How about Forevermore, Xandria Runaway, Bon Jovi You Could be Mine, Guns n' Roses Sleeping Sun, Nightwish Any hits on secret songwriting credits?
  10. ManinIronMask

    Can I Play With Madness?

    What is Nicko hitting to get that hollow percussive sound? Is that a cowbell I hear?
  11. ManinIronMask

    Somewhere on Tour - Chicago, Sheffield, and Bristol

    I was mistaken - my Chicago 87 is a soundboard.  The distortions on the low frequencies in the beginning and the constant phasy sound made me think it was audience - but it just has too much high frequency content to be audience.  But I'd very much like it if you'd upload the Sheffield show, if...
  12. ManinIronMask

    Somewhere on Tour - Chicago, Sheffield, and Bristol

    I tried to send this as feedback to the Iron Maiden Commentary, which has a huge and detailed list of bootlegs, but the email address provided on the site doesn't work. I recently obtained "Chicago 87" and it is an audience recording, not a soundboard recording as listed.  And it doesn't sound...