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    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

    When are they arriving in Krakow, anyone? I'm sitting in a bar in Old Town right now. Any chance I bump into them ??
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    Official Maidenfans poll: Favorite Maiden guitarist 2015

    I agree every word u say. I only wanna say I like those AOR works on A.S.A.P too. Moreover, H has many tendencies, not only AOR, since he never stops experimenting and that's very colourful and adds tastes to Maiden. And yes, Steve seems to be controlling those tendencies, which I'm not sure if...
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    Official Maidenfans poll: Favorite Maiden guitarist 2015

    You can see this is the main opinion if you read through replies. I just wanna add: Yes, Jannic is less skilled thus more chaotic, but that's not improvisation I enjoy, to me a good example of proper improvisation would be Zappa's ^^ And when playing live, do you think Jannick would be so...
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    The cover of A Matter of Life and Death

    I know it's a bit late but I just pulled out the cd off the shelf to watch the videos on the bonus cd and then wondered who would be who and searching on the net I found myself here. So my guess is : - The one on the tank is Bruce, because that's what he would do. Jump and run all over the...