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    Bootleg guide

    I collect but I'm actually trying to whittle my collection down to the best 100 across their career. Quite a difficult task as there are great shows out there and there are lots I have not heard so it's always changing. Currently got around 200 bootlegs so I'm looking to move on quite a lot over...
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    Maiden’s political silence

    To be honest I'd be surprised if they play it. Given the reports are they are dropping 3 songs to accommodate 3 from Senjutsu I can see Trooper being dropped for Stratego. Might not have been their original choice to do this but I have a feeling they might now. They don't play Trooper in...
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    what Maiden song parts do you think sound live much better than on the original album?

    I'm actually the opposite, I think in the main the live sound just has that little bit extra oomph. Whether it be the speed, Bruce's singing, extra embellishment with the 3 guitars. Don't get me wrong I love the studio versions but most of the time when I listen to Maiden I listen to the live...
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    The essential bootlegs?

    I don't know of any full soundboards from 1999. Best audience I've come across is 1999 Paris (l think it's the Evie Version) but if you want Stranger in a Strange Land then Montreal. Have not heard Helsinki.
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    The essential bootlegs?

    I'm not aware of a 10/10 2016 New York show but there is probably an 8/10 audience recording out there.
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    The essential bootlegs?

    1996 X Factour - Santiago, Buenos Aires 1998 Virtual XI - Buenos Aires, Stockholm, 2003 Ed Till I'm Dead - Nurburgring, Stockholm, Waldrock (Bergum) 2005 Early Days - Nurburgring, Reykjavik, Gothenburg 2006/7 MOLAD - Stockholm (as already mentioned by poster above), Donington 2009 Somewhere Back...
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    which one song would you definitely like to have back in the next setlist?

    Too much choice but Purgatory, Paschendale or If Eternity Should Fail spring to mind. Probably Paschendale.
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    thoughts about how Senjutsu might work live

    Will they play it as one ala MOTD tour or do you think they will break it up with other tracks? Show will be 14/15 tracks probably so if they do break it up some Senjutsu songs will be in the encore.
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    The essential bootlegs?

    I've only got a few boots from the latter tours but I've tried to find the best out there from the get go. Here's my list of ones I would recommend. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know. Matter of Life and Death 2006 Stockholm - brilliant soundboard 2006 Hiroshima 2007 Donington...
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    the better DiAnno album

    Decided to break it down as although I plumped for the debut album on instinct now I'm not so sure. Going to do a track head to head. Going to leave out Ides from the equation. Going off the original track listing. Prowler vs Wrathchild - The effective openers. Wrathchild wins the day for me...
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    The essential bootlegs?

    I'd be interested in the forums recommendations from some of the later tours. There is lots of info out there up until Somewhere Back in Time era and not much after. Any recommendations for Maiden England? I know of two soundboard boots (Rio 2013 and Nurburgring in 2014). Are there any killer...
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    Bootlegs you last/currently are listening to?

    Listening to 1995 Paris, the X Factor tour. One of the best audience recordings from that tour. Crowd in good voice, Blaze was consistent in the main and this really comes across. Great energy here.