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    Bruce Dickinson

    Id like to hear some Skunkworks jams B)
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    I was banned from THIS TOTALLY COOL IRON MAIDEN BOOTLEG SITE for no reason!

    Thank you for the advice. I will definitely do that, because I am so surprised that they would ban me because I wasnt a leech. Oh well, ill just try again.
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    I was banned from THIS TOTALLY COOL IRON MAIDEN BOOTLEG SITE for no reason!

    Maybe... but the most ive ever downloaded in one day was more like 15 or 20 at the absolute MOST
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    I was banned from THIS TOTALLY COOL IRON MAIDEN BOOTLEG SITE for no reason!

    warewolf95. Id been a member for about a year and then they just dropped all of a sudden like wtf?!
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    I was banned from THIS TOTALLY COOL IRON MAIDEN BOOTLEG SITE for no reason!

    No i swear its not an ad. Its just that anytime I go to it it says im banned and it wont even let me navigate the site as a nonmember. Plus the site doesnt really have another name anyway. I just want to know if anybody else has had this happen? And if so, do you know how I can contact someone...
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    I was banned from THIS TOTALLY COOL IRON MAIDEN BOOTLEG SITE for no reason!

    Some of you might know this awesome Maiden site with almost every recording from every tour in its forum. Does anybody know anybody at the site or how I can repeal my banning? Because i never did anything wrong and then I just got banned one day with no explanation?! Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Favorite Maiden Guitarist (2010 Edition, voting closed)

    For me voting on things like this is completely pointless because the entire band is so seemingly egoless that to pit one against another seems completely unfair. Adrian does write some kick-ass tunes though. :bigsmile:
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    Any Good Iron Maiden Books/Biographies?

    That site is like the bible for Maiden. The bootleg section is awesome.
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    Any Good Iron Maiden Books/Biographies?

    Does anybody know of any good Iron Maiden books or biographies, etc? I love reading up on my favorite artists and want a good Maiden book.
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    Songs you want Maiden to cover.

    They should cover Enter Sandman, because then maybe it wouldnt sound like shit. :lol: Or they should cover Rock Bottom by UFO, except that it would sound weird compared to normal Maiden material.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    I think Montsegur confounds me. Everybody seems to like it but it just seems to repetitive to me. I think When Two Worlds Collide is a great song with an awesome chorus but a lot of people bash it. :edmetal:
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    What Maiden Songs can You Play?

    I have to agree with you on that. I used to never even try to play any MAiden because it was just so complex sounding, and then I slowly learned a tab here or there and now Ive realized that, as you said, they are not really that hard but are just very intimidating sometimes. But then you learn...
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    Where the hell is the download button on :(
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    What Maiden Songs can You Play?

    Im only 15, but Ive been teaching myself by tab/ears to play guitar for the last 21/2 years and I can play a number of songs. By Maiden I can play Piece Of Mind - Where Eagles Dare, Revelations, The Trooper, Die With..., Sun and Steel Powerslave - Aces High Seventh Son - I am learning The...
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    Most challenging aspects of making music?

    God, as much as I love it, making music is a flat-out bitch for me. I can rarely write orignal music that doesnt blatantly rip off something else. But if I ever happen to write with my bandmates, we can write like 5 original songs per day and I go home like "WTF?" :lol:
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    What guitar do you play?

    I play a stock Epiphone Dot Lefty into a Marchall MG50 and I can get an almost perfect Maiden tone, surprisingly better than with my Les Paul.
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    Name for my band?

    Slaughter Vengeance. I think it sounds pretty metal, but I couldnt use it for my band cuz weve already got Crysis Averted
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    Which decade of Maiden do you prefer?

    I cant vote because the option is not there :lol: but I have to say 1986 to 1996 because that is generally when people think Maiden were on the Artistic decline, but I love that era because there are so many good but "unknown" songs from the era that an average fan would never know about
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    Song vs Song

    Fairies Wear Boots Lucretia (Megadeth) vs. Be All, End All (Anthrax)
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    Your favourite song from every album

    Oh dear... Now this is a toughy IM - Iron Maiden Killers - Murders In The Rue Morgue NOTB - Run To The Hills Piece - Sun and Steel Powerslave - Rime Of... SIT - Wasted Years Seventh - The Clairvoyant NPFTD - Mother Russia FOTD - From Here To Eternity or FOTD X Factor - Sign On The Cross Virtual...