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    I do completely agree with you. Black ice would have been the perfect coda...
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    30 Years Ago Today...

    Powerslave is one of my favorite Maiden records of all time with Piece of mind and The number of the beast. I love this period but that doesn't mean I do not enjoy the other records, it's just that when I put these records on, I fell just as I'm coming home after a long travel. Powerslave sounds...
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    I finished Peter Grant: The man who led Zeppelin by Chris Welch. It is pretty good and provides a lot of details on the making of the movie "The song remains the same" which are not given in other textbooks dedicated to Zeppelin. I'm now into "Voyage au Congo" by André Gide. It's something else...
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Total eclipse should have been on the album, of course. It was mixed and ready for release (as a B side) in time for the first single while Gangland wasn't (as the rest of the album). When time came to release the LP, the band probably decided to put Gangland on it so as to propose an album full...
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    I just read « Here Comes Everybody » by James « maestro » Fearnley. This book is a well-written biography of the Pogues. It tells you their story from their early years to Shane MacGowan’s departure in 1991. The following years are lacking. I love the Pogues and this book was a very enjoyable...
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    I'm sad because Malcolm is off but I'm happy because the others are in good shape and plan to release a new cd and tour the world. Simple as that. It must be very hard moments for Angus and the rest of the band. They don't need money, they just play because the like it and because we like it...
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    Blaze Bayley, good or bad?

    There's an interesting interview posted at blabbermouth's site "BLAZE BAYLEY Expresses 'Sadness' Over Fact He Didn't Get To Work On Third Studio Album With IRON MAIDEN"
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    So, does anyone has the original interview about the 4 leftovers of VXI

    I'll have a look. I never found any detail (such as the titles of the leftovers) in the French rock press (I've been collecting rock mags since the 80's). One day, when I'm old, desperate, and alone I will scan all those old articles and make them available for everybody). :halo:
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Robert Plant released a new album some days ago. It's a good record, it's not hard rock per se but it is highly enjoyable music with diverse flavours. I am bloody happy that me kids are exposed such interesting musical diversity. :smartarse:
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    So, does anyone has the original interview about the 4 leftovers of VXI

    Hullo, hullo , Jack's calling all pilots. I hardly speak Turkish although I recently conquered the Byzantine empire and stole the secret of the holy Raki. My sole sources are French mags. More data needed. Hurry up and good luck to all ! :ninja:
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    Unreleased Pink Floyd instrumental music from 1994 coming in Ocober

    I am confused with this 2014 release. On one hand it is always good to get new material from one of your favorite band. On the other hand Nick Mason explained in his Pink Floyd biography (Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd / 2004) that the band recorded various jams after the release...
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    I just finished another book dealing with the second world war: Richard H. Hillary, The Last Enemy (in French Le dernier ennemi : bataille d'Angleterre, juin 1940-mai 1941). It is a hugely poignant story that teaches the narrator's experiences during the battle of Britain and gives a more...
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    Blaze Bayley, good or bad?

    I wouldn't say that Virus is bad, but it's too long and it lacks energy. The production far too poor for a Maiden track. It's a pity because compositions involving all band members are not common.
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    BLACK SABBATH Week On Maidenfans! (8/18 - 8/25)

    I love the Dio years and Ronnie as a singer but Ozzy is the boss when it comes to sing his songs. I'd like to hear him sing Heaven and hell... just curious :innocent: One of my very favourite album is Reunion, a live recording from 1997 shows. It was recorded by the original line-up and sounds...
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    Space topic

    Thank you Perun, this paper is very interesting. The sentence "The occasional excitement at the discovery of seemingly “Earth-like” exoplanets is understandable, but the fact is we have no idea what we’re looking for, unless it is for ourselves." summarizes the main message... and it makes me...
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    Albums where every song is good.

    The Beatles: sgt peper lonely heart club band Accept: Blood of the nations Iron Maiden: Powerslave Motorhead: Ace of spades, Inferno Led Zeppelin: IV, Physical Graffiti, Presence Robert Plant: Mighty rearranger Jethro Tull: Songs from the wood, Heavy horses AC/DC: Highway to hell Pink Floyd...
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    Blaze Bayley, good or bad?

    For me, Blaze is obviously not bad, he is good and has been a solid contributor to Maiden’s music between 1994 and 1998. The fact is that he is obviously not physically capable of singing in Bruce register and for that reason, people often consider him as « bad ». I think that the real problem...
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    I'm reading "Joukov. L'homme qui a vaincu Hitler" by Jean Lopez and Lasha Otkhmezuri. It's brilliant ! Jean Lopez et Lasha Otkhmezuri, Joukov. L'homme qui a vaincu Hitler, Paris, Perrin, 2013, 732 p.
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    Things about Iron Maiden that annoy you

    Hi Perun ! I used to know you as the God of Thunder... and you're now a God of Hellfire ! O tempora, o mores! :bigsmile: The fact is that boxsets cannot exist if the band does not release singles with interesting B sides in the first place...