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    Run Silent Run Deep

    I agree! I love this song too and I stand behind what you said about it. I also think Dave's solo is worth a mention. And yes, that outro part, especially the very end "a merchantman's nightmaaaare", the way his voice breaks there at the end. I just love it!
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    The Apparition

    What were the band thinking when they included this song? Fear Of The Fillers, people have dubbed this album, and although I've always had a soft spot for this record, it definitely is something to this. The album has it's fair share of downright filler material. Some of them I love dearly, just...
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    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son: Full Concept Album?

    I think part of the beauty of it is that we, the fans, can sit here, 28 years later, and try to analyze and figure out the theme, what's the meaning of this part etc. I am pretty sure Steve and the band find that very rewarding, to have released something that fans still to this day try to...
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    Only the Good Die Young

    A fantastic way to end (what is for me) the best album ever made. This song has all the makings of a MAiden classic, and I am absolutely sure (at least in my own mind) that had this song been played live, it would have been considered as such today. It has very catchy melodies, an incredibly...
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    The Clairvoyant

    I loved this song from the first time I heard it all those years ago. It still is every bit as magical for me now as it was back then. In my Maiden top 10, (although, I have too many top 10 tracks for it to be a top 10 list, probably more a top 25 or something, but you get my drift). I love the...
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    The Prophecy

    Haha, well put, sir. Yes, although the song in itself (lyrics/vocal melodies) possibly is a bit Maiden by numbers, the overly sweet music saves the day and hence the song climbs to an 8 for me. That intro is beyond beautful. The accoustic outro even more so. And then haunting harmony section -...
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    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

    Good point, everyone is not as into guitar solos as we are, I guess. So yes, I can see the point of it in the context of the full show (although I wish he could have stuck with other parts of the songs and not exactly at the point someone's soloing). Especially on Powerslave, as that is just THE...
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    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

    You guys got me interested, will have to check this out. But in general, he's been playing around with his FOTD solo a lot for this tour. AS with The Trooper (some nights it sounds totally awesome and just immense, other nights not so much). I don't like what he's doing to his 666 solo. The...
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    Well put! Technically, there are a million musicians out there who are faster, "better" etc, but like Dave said in an interview once (about his telepathic companionship with H): "You can put the two best guitarists in the whole world in the same band, and it' still not going to work, because...
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    Favorite Maiden Guitarist (2010 Edition, voting closed)

    Very well put, I second this. And that last bit (about Dave's Powerslave solo)... music to my ears.
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    Favourite Murray/non-Harris songs

    Completely and totally agreed. This song is so brutally underrated and overlooked. Also, Dave's guitar work is just amazing. Soooo fantastic.
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    Favorite bands

    I feel the same. Nr 1 is Iron Maiden and nr 2 is Priest. This is by far and I can't see it ever changing. But nr 3... too hard. I have too many candidates to just pick one. Hammerfall, Iced Earth, Europe, Bruce Dickinson, King Diamond, Crimson Glory etc.
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    Your favourite song from every album

    Difficult one, obviously. There are some that (for me) are a given, others that are more difficult. But okay: IM - Phantom Of The Opera (totally) Killers - The Ides Of March (yes, I know it's just a short instrumental, but to me the song is a 10/10, being the only one of its kind on this...
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    Official Maidenfans poll: Favorite live album 2015

    I hadn't listened to En Vivo for a while, but decided to put in on again a couple of weeks ago. Wow, it blew me away. I totally agree, the band sounds IMMENSE. I had to play it through twice, actually. Agreed on the setlist, although good it just cannot match the setlist of for instance FLight...
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    Official Maidenfans poll: Favorite Maiden guitarist 2015

    Haha, funny post. I too voted Dave (I guess my nick gave it away anyhow hehe). But I must say that I have become to admire H more and more. Don't get me wrong, even though Dave has always been (and will always be) my favorite guitar player, I have always been a big fan of H too. And whilst Dave...
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    Maiden old or new

    Satelite 15 was a ludicrous idea that should never have made it to the album, one could say, but at the same time, like you point to, The Final Frontier is the payoff for having to listen through Satelite 15. Gangland is no classic obviously, but I don't mind listening to it. (Having that said...
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    Guitar solos " The Final Frontier"

    Although we respectfully will have to disagree, I do see your points and I do like your post, you do put across your opinion in a courteous manner and also you explain well what you mean, so I totally respect that. I like it when people can have a discussion, be in disagreement but yet respect...
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    Guitar solos " The Final Frontier"

    This one, I need to voice my opinion on, Forostar. I do agree with Duojett71 here. Janick does in no way do justice to H's solos. Their styles are just too different, and where Adrian's solos are precise, melodic and with a clear intro/middle/build-up/Outro, Janick sort of just bursts out a...
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    Strange World

    Wow, thanks so much for clarifying this. You're pointing to stuff I didn't even think about. I think I can finally rest my (brief)case on this matter. After so many years of being in the dark. But yes, when you put it this way, I do see what you're talking about. Anyhow, it is one of MAiden's...
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    Strange World

    You are in fact completely right. Wow, thanks for pointing that out, I do hear it now. It is in fact two different recordings. But how do you know that it is Stratton, anyway? (I'm just asking out of curiosity, not because I think I know, because honestly, I don't.) I actually have Stratton on...