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  1. Nick2632

    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    I am absolutely loving these synths here lol gives this album a very nice touch. Can we just put Janick on the keys for now on?
  2. Nick2632

    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    I'm sure this has been talked about here, but was it necessary to make this a 3LP album? I mean just by switching Death of the Celts and The Parchment around everything would have fit very well with each side between 19-22 minutes, which is the perfect amount of music for a side of a record...
  3. Nick2632

    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    Before I go ahead and pre-order this I would really like to know what Nicko's opinion is of this album. Has he given his review on it yet?
  4. Nick2632

    Rank songs written by Dave Murray

    1. The Thin Line Between Love & Hate 2. The Nomad 3. The Man That Would Be King 4. Deja Vu 5. Still Life ...If Drifter is 1 of these tracks, then that takes my #2, and simply moves 2-5 down. I'm very surprised TTLBL&H was not a Steve epic... Never knew that, though it should have been obvious...
  5. Nick2632

    USA Politics

    "Not my president" -Democrats 2017-2019 ..not like they finally accepted it in 2020, they just got sidetracked with their new Black Lives Matter.
  6. Nick2632

    Maiden's Heaviest Song?

    The Prophecy is pretty f***ing heavy.
  7. Nick2632

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    Maiden's 17th studio album..? That was already released back in 2015 packaged along with their 16th studio album TBOS.
  8. Nick2632

    Iron Maiden vs. Killers?

    Never knew that, but certainly due to the speed of the song. (I seem to recall it being the fastest song Maiden ever did..). Did Bruce perform it during his time with Maiden in '81? I'm not sure which album I like more, but I find them both to be just about as enjoyable as any Maiden album...
  9. Nick2632

    Maiden's Heaviest Song?

    To Tame A Land.. I might just leave it here.. This is Maiden's heaviest song IMO. Tomorrow I'll probably be thinking to myself "No, Rime is the heaviest" lol.
  10. Nick2632

    Your favourite vinyl side (live albums included)

    Aces High√ 2 Minutes To Midnight√ Losfer Words√ Flash Of The Blade√ The Duellists√ They were f***ing relentless on Powerslave. My only complaint about the album is that it certainly should have been played in full on the World Slavery Tour!
  11. Nick2632

    The essential bootlegs?

    I have found both the Tokyo & New York 2016 bootlegs to be quite enjoyable.. Some early shows at The Rainbow during 1980 are quite spectacular as well.. I have had like 5 full 1979-1980 shows for like a year and never listened to until recently, and came across a very interesting performance of...
  12. Nick2632

    The Nomad

    This is my 2nd favorite song on Brave New World after The Thin Line Between Love And Hate, these 2 songs completely make the entire album IMHO, though I absolutely despise Out Of The Silent Planet between the 2 songs. Of course my 2 favorite songs of the album weren't performed live, at least in...
  13. Nick2632

    The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

    The 1st half of the song ranges from mediocre to good, the 2nd half of the song (starting when they return to the intro riff) is absolutely phenomenal. In fact, the 2nd half of the song is so phenomenal that it makes the 1st half extremely joyful building a great amount of anticipation. To...
  14. Nick2632

    Best Iron Maiden Chorus?

    Caught Somewhere In Time Be Quick Or Be Dead Coming Home The Duellists Losfer Words The last one isn't a joke by any means.. I have always absolutely loved Losfer Words. I was baffled when I joined this forum and discovered other fans tend to prefer Transylvania over it.. I also love jamming...
  15. Nick2632

    Brave new world vinyl from HMV

    I actually happened to go by a record shop today because they called me saying I won an album (Hawkwind Onward 2LP) in a drawing last week lol, and to pick up the last available Maiden studio album on vinyl that I didn't own (Piece Of Mind), and just happened to ask the dude working if he knew...
  16. Nick2632

    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

    Blood Brothers!!!! What an awesome encore!!!!
  17. Nick2632

    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

    That's right, forgot about that. Then I'll hope for Man Of Sorrows as the last selectable song lol. Maybe as an encore like they did Journeyman on Death On The Road!! I think it would be a killer song to end the show with, and I think it certainly deserves to be played.
  18. Nick2632

    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

    Damn this is awesome!! This set list is really looking amazing! I am going to guess Man Of Sorrows will be played (last song in set list before encore(s). :D
  19. Nick2632

    Shadows Of The Valley

    8/10. This one is my 2nd least favorite on The Book Of Souls ahead of Death Or Glory, which sucks because that's an entire side on vinyl. That being said, it's still a good song on a great album! The intro is really the only thing I don't care for on the song, but the rest makes up for it. Maybe...
  20. Nick2632

    Death Or Glory

    7/10. This is my least favorite song on The Book Of Souls as it has been since I got a grasp on the album. However I think it's a solid rocker and has some great energy. I think the vocals are great, but I don't really care for the chorus. I see this song as a solid filler on the album. I'm glad...