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    Bruce Dickinson

    I really enjoyed reading that! Thanks for posting the link
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    What are your top five favorite live song recordings by Maiden?

    Paschendale - Death on The Road Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Flight 666 Moonchild - Flight 666 The Book of Souls - The Book of Souls Live Chapter (I was in the crowd for this one! Recorded at Download 2016) Sign of The Cross - Rock in Rio
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    Hey mate, could you please send me the IESF demo as well please? Thank you!

    Hey mate, could you please send me the IESF demo as well please? Thank you!
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Haha, I haven't actively sought it out myself. I think I can hold off on Friday, but who knows? If a link presents itself, I may end up listening early :lol:
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    Bruce Dickinson

    I'm surprised the song hasn't leaked yet. I saw that a few fans managed to get their hands on the single!
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    Johnny Marr from The Smiths just released one, too. I definitely plan on reading that at some point. Different genre entirely of course but he's an amazing guitarist.
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    The Marvel Thread (Spoilers, and language!)

    I'd love it if it was Glenn Howerton from It's always sunny in Philadelphia
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Just two weeks until the single release now :rocker:
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    What are the biggest reunions in music that are yet to happen?

    There's a funny story in Phil Collins' autobiography where he said the original line-up had a meeting about 20 years ago discussing a reunion tour, and Gabriel didn't say much and then left the room. The Gabriel era reunion was never discussed again
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Good setlist, I can see him opening with a new song though and playing at least 4 from the new album.
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    Multiple Albums Removed from Spotify

    You had me for a moment :lol:
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Because he hasn't played any solo shows in over 20 years. Regardless of whether people like the new album, the chance to see Bruce in a smaller capacity playing songs from his excellent solo catalogue is an opportunity not to miss for loads of fans.
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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    I've always really enjoyed that interview. Watched it quite a few times over the years.
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    I love how much Noel hates this song
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    Lmao I just read the lyrics to that standing in a queue song. Sounds like a 65 year old boomer ranting at a pub
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    Bruce Dickinson

    London booked :rocker: been in Australia since April, so I'm looking forward to coming back for this!
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Had to check it wasn't April 1st!
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    Best New Music 2023 edition

    Sorry for replying to a 10 month old comment lol but I love that Gaz Coombes album! I heard Long Live The Strange on Radio X and loved it, so I checked out all his back catalogue. I'd say Matador is my favourite album of his, but they've all been great,
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    Gaz Coombes (Supergrass frontman) - Turn The Car Around Great album! Short and sweet too, only 37 mins long.
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    Judas Priest

    Sword of Damocles is from Redeemer of Souls, which is an alright album. I think the production lets it down more than anything else. Some songs are good but I prefer Firepower a lot more.