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  1. lira

    The World of Solo Maiden

    If they only recorded a couple of covers on Studio A part...
  2. lira

    Seriously, WTF is Jan trying to do here?

    Bruce at 1:44:42: "That's it, I'm gone!"
  3. lira

    Maiden's Biggest Missed Opportunities Live

    I totally agree with that. Just imagine someone declaring early on that the tour would comprise 3 years and Maiden would not play Infinite Dreams. You would say "impossible!"
  4. lira

    Short-answer questions

    I don't know when that was, but nowadays I suppose he would do it to avoid smudging his lipstick
  5. lira

    Sixth Powerslave Song Played Live?

    It happened at the end of 1987 in Plymouth. From this unusual gig, manager Rod Smallwood chose a couple of songs for Maiden to record the new versions of "Prowler" and "Charlotte the Harlot" for the next single. The doc I have containing info from those secret gigs, say this about Plymouth...
  6. lira

    Iron Maiden pictures

    Is that the whole picture?
  7. lira

    Remember Tomorrow and what it is about

    In 1980 Paul gave his first version of the "explanation", stating that the song is about giving up everything. Just that, which really explains nothing. At this point the fans will accept what he says but will fail to make any connections. Some decades later he attached his grandfather story in...
  8. lira

    Hi Garcia, reading your comment in a post about the Different World single, I assume you have...

    Hi Garcia, reading your comment in a post about the Different World single, I assume you have the digital version containing the live version of the song + interview with Harris. Are you up for a trade? I can even pay for those tracks, no problem. I'm looking forward to complete my collection...
  9. lira

    Iron Maiden - Walking on Glass?

    I think you're absolutely right. The number never had an official name so it was wrongly titled by a bootlegger. Plus, that bit was never actually played by The Entire Population of Hackney. "Silver and Gold" song had a long intro and that was what Adrian brought to Maiden on SIT Tour.
  10. lira

    Nicko McBrain

    Nice find. I believe it was one of the Convention Tour shows Nicko did on October 2001 along with tribute band Hi-On Maiden. Here, a picture of the flyer...
  11. lira

    Killers: individual album judgement by yours truly

    Never heard anything about Clive's picking up a guitar, keyboards or even going for backing vocals. So i can talk fearless that he only contributed with drums/percussion. However... behind the Iron curtains there's always that glove waving the possibility of Maiden giving more credit to a member...
  12. lira

    Killers: individual album judgement by yours truly

    Yes Jenkin's Barn is a joke. And I expected people to come and talk on IMPub about this, because it's a debatable track list I did. In these days the most you see on FB are "likes" and no one questioning... I disagree about Purkis. According to him it was his idea to have an intro on the...
  13. lira

    Adrian Smith

    Somebody tell the press about this other gig by the supersecretnonamepowerhouse Adrian Smith group. May they display it on an outdoor next to you! Fans hungry for more information about the group surely can wait until the end of this year to something to happen soon! (oh the irony...)
  14. lira

    'burning Ambition'

    Some may find strange that Smiler refused to do Burning Ambition because of the alleged time changes. At the time Steve had expanded the song to something like a 8-min rock prog, so they were not exagerating in not wanting to play that!
  15. lira

    Steve 'Loopy' Newhouse's blog

    This is the direct link of the pictures. (Erase the space between "facebook." and "com") facebook. com/search/top/?q=Paul%20Cairns%20&epa=SEARCH_BOX
  16. lira

    Steve 'Loopy' Newhouse's blog

    Jmaster, recently Paul Cairns found another picture of the outside of Spaceward Studios at the time of the ST recordings. You'll see his dog in the snow or something like that, which is on his FB profile (I won't post it here w/out his permission), it's worth taking a look...
  17. lira

    Lineups, Live Songs and Productivity in the 1970s

    Ghost, it seems he doesn't know!
  18. lira

    Lineups, Live Songs and Productivity in the 1970s

    I wrote Martin Bushell to ask him about his involvement with Maiden and he was actually a member of the band! He auditioned for them in May '79, replacing Paul Cairns, and in his own words he "got the job". He only took part in rehearsals. Bushell is never mentioned in any offical biography.
  19. lira

    Lineups, Live Songs and Productivity in the 1970s

    Magnus, what do you want to know? I read this Metallian interview many years ago but never figured it out. Jeff Summers is refering to Maiden's formative years, so my best bet for any truth behind it is that they were there before Steve founded (called it) Iron Maiden. At those times there...
  20. lira

    Lineups, Live Songs and Productivity in the 1970s

    Forostar, please include "For the People" in the 1st lineup - confirmed by Scarf Maiden (from Facebook). Another cover from Stray, played in their first gigs and never recorded.