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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    But in a manly way
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    Bruce Dickinson

    It's in the booklet of the remastered version ;)!
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    Bruce Dickinson

    What I find interesting is that he kinda bashes Maiden.  I've always had the feeling he didn't actually enjoy being reunited with them.  Ok,  waiting for some flames now  :D!
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    Bruce Dickinson Survivor 2010 finished: Book Of Thel wins again!

    Re: Bruce Dickinson Survivor 2010: Tattooed Millionaire round 1 (Aug 17-19) Zulu Zulu Licking The Gun Hell on Wheels
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    Happy birthday SMX!

    Happy birthday man!!!!  :hbd: :cheers: :clap: :applause:
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    Gratulera med dagen Yax

    Happy birthday man!!!  Best wishes!!!  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :shred: :shred: :shred: :shred: :edmetal: :edmetal:
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    Rate El Dorado

    *  This song is just bland.  One good thing is it doesn't have the classic e-c-d pattern Maiden seem to love nowadays.  But even considering that,  it's just bland...
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    The Economic Crisis In Europe

    Re: Greece, now. Ah see now,  here in Greece it's a common sport to blame Americans for... well pretty much anything  -_-.  You know,  blame a global superpower and voila,  not our fault anymore  :D!!
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    NEWS: Maiden have started writing NEW material!

    Sure,  but things got nasty between Ozzy and Bruce in 2005.  Still I have no idea what this is about...
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    That time again!

    Happy birthday!!!  :)
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    Well I watched Sherlock Holmes a couple of weeks back.  I had not expected much,  from the trailer I knew they would probably just make another Van Helsing type of movie,  but I had some hopes since Guy Ritchie was directing it.  Well,  apart from 2 or 3 scenes,  you couldn't tell it was a Guy...
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    Uhm,  spoiler?????????????????????????????
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    To tell the truth,  I keep telling myself that it probably won't be that good,  so I can go with rather low expectations,  but at the same time I'm really eager to watch it,  which probably means that I failed to lower them. :P
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    It's good to know that you liked it Foro since I know how much you like Sherlock Holmes.  I'll write my opinion as soon as I watch it.
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    This is why I'm not interested in this movie.  Pretty much every review I've read says the same thing:  excellent graphics,  cliche story.  Personally I don't think it's worth spending 12 Euros (at least that's what a friend of mine payed) just because of the excellent 3D viewing.  Since the...
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    Iron Maiden Survivor done: Hallowed and Rime co-champions

    Now now,  there's a difference.  I might think for instance that the 80's classics are better than the newer songs,  or I might indeed like RTTH better than Another Life (both random choices),  but that doesn't mean I prefer to hear them live,  especially if they've been overplayed.  Sure I...
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    Iron Maiden Survivor done: Hallowed and Rime co-champions

    Re: Iron Maiden Survivor FINALS: 3 songs left (Jan 3-5) Powerslave.
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    Iron Maiden Survivor done: Hallowed and Rime co-champions

    Re: Iron Maiden Survivor FINALS: 4 songs left (Jan 1-3) Hallowed,  Powerslave.