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    Bruce Dickinson

    Don't you guys think that if H would be joining the tour they would've announced it with the album/tour news? Think there might be a solo or 2 from him on the album if we're lucky, but that's it.
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Does anyone have video of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life on the second O2 show?
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    So by now we have: - A band who organize pre- and afterparties, with lots of young women in attendance brought there by the 'casting director'. Not exactly very '2023', but not illegal. - A woman going to the party, on anti-depressants, taking shots of tequila poured by Till after which she...
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    Your Top 10 Maiden Songs

    1 - Como Estais Amigos 2 - Paschendale 3 - Afraid to Shoot Strangers 4 - Blood on the World's Hands These four are clearly my favourite Maiden songs, the rest could change on a daily basis...if I had to pick today, I'd go with The Longest Day Still Life If Eternity Should Fail Only the Good...
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    Blaze Bayley

    Luke was already involved in a couple albums (background vocals etc) prior to his official addition to the band. As well as opening up for them solo, then performing with the band on several occasions - think I saw a show where he was onstage for the last six songs or so. And it doesn't hurt...
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    Blaze Bayley

    Blood & Belief suffers a bit from the production IMO, but there are great songs on there as well. Regret is one of my favourite Blaze songs, ever. Soundtrack of my Life, Life and Death, Tearing Yourself to Pieces are awesome as well. Think he writes better lyrics when they are personal, as...
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    Blaze Bayley

    I started following Blaze around TMWWND, and really dig the heavier sound. Was super glad to hear The Man Who Would Not Die and Watching the Night Sky live the last time Blaze played in Helsinki - adding Luke to the band means they can now pull off some songs they couldn't with just one guitar...
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Just join the FC and get tickets from the forum. Easy, reliable and you won't get fucked with the prices. The only reason I'm a member - got tickets from there many times.
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    Which Maiden album features the best Janick Gers songwriting contributions?

    The X Factor. 7 songs in total, all of which are awesome. His guitar work on 2 AM is unbelievable - a career-best solo on that one IMO. He really had a good songwriting team with Blaze, so many songs on TXF (plus the b-sides), Como Estais Amigos and the ones that went on to BNW.
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    Steve Harris

    The show in Tampere is in Pakkahuone, which holds 1200 people if sold out. Man, it's going to be empty in there :rolleyes: Seen some shows in there (Dirkschneider, Overkill etc) with less than a 100 people in...hoping they can switch to a smaller venue if/when it doesn't sell that well.
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    Judas Priest

    Man, Sea of Red is such a cool song.
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    If Bruce would sing a Maiden song he hasnt sung live before?

    I really think Blood on the World's Hands would work, especially the part where the songs title is repeated. The song could also benefit from having three guitars.
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    Am I the only One Who thinks LOTF sung by Bruce sucks ?

    I commented on the Finnish Maiden podcast that Lord of the Flies on DOTR is unlistenable unless drunk. I stand by that statement.
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    Blaze Bayley

    303 is an amazing song - and yet they didn't play it on the tour...fingers crossed for the next run of shows.
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    Blaze Bayley

    So apparently Blaze, Chris and Luke started writing the next album already...can't wait!
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Hope it's true...haha my bank account is already fucked with the FP tour. But would definitely go to the first solo show in years. Hoping he'd take Chris Dale out on tour as well.
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    Blaze Bayley

    Yeah, the vocals on that one are insane. Speed of Light sounds a 100 times better on it than on the 10th Dimension album.
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    Blaze Bayley

    Waiting for some Finnish tourdates, the shows at On The Rocks have been packed every time. Would be cool if Blaze played in Riga or Tallinn for example, saw the Silicon Messiah show in Tallinn in 2015...
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    Como Estais Amigos

    My favourite song by Iron Maiden, ever. The lyrics (grammatical errors aside :D), the middle part, the solos, all perfect. It's a crime against humanity that this was the only song not played live from Virtual. Seen Blaze do this song many times, always the highlight of the show.
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Zagreb was such a cool place to visit as well. People were so friendly, welcoming and chatty about Maiden, even if they werent going to the show. Amazing food and good beers -> will definitely go again if Maiden plays there again.