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  1. Dead Boss

    Murders in the Rue Morgue

    Re: Daily Song: Murders in the Rue Morgue No it doesn't. They only share the two murdered women.
  2. Dead Boss

    Favorite Incarnation of Eddie on an Iron Maiden release?

    1. Ben Breeg 2. Death on the Road 3. Powerslave 4. Aces High 5. Piece of Mind To be fair, the DOTR Eddie is good, but it's the cover that's fucking awesome.
  3. Dead Boss

    Would you like to see all of The Final Frontier performed live?

    Yes. The songs are not related musically or lyrically so they could plunge some old classics between the new songs. There's not a song I would regret to see live. Coming home, Isle of Avalon, The Man Who Would Be King, The Alchemist are a must, that's for sure. I could sacrifice others, but...
  4. Dead Boss

    Why "Final Frontier"?

    But Nick wasn't there when Beast came out. Still it's something that would lower Irons in my eyes. Like all the gore on the covers they have.
  5. Dead Boss

    The Man Who Would Be King

    Oh, thanks, that makes sense.  :ok:
  6. Dead Boss

    Satellite 15 mix defect

    What else could I do I don't know.  :S I listen to Fear of the Dark every other day. I wouldn't give up such an amazing song for a fart, that's for sure. Wait. Where was the microphone again?  :lol:  :lol: :lol:
  7. Dead Boss

    Satellite 15 mix defect

    Are you telling me, that there are no errors at concerts when they play live?  :huh: I certainly recall Nicko missed intro of Sign of a cross at Rock in Rio.
  8. Dead Boss

    666's the numberS of the beast

    665.999999... - The same old number of the beast
  9. Dead Boss

    The Man Who Would Be King

    I don't understand. First he has no regrets, only pride. Then he regrets it every day?  :S
  10. Dead Boss

    Satellite 15 mix defect

    I'm totally sorry if my response was aggressive or insulting, it certainly wasn't it's purpose. This is totally wrong and bit paranoid.  ;) If it were true, Best/Worst forum would be one big flamewar arena. Members here are reasonably immune to other opinions to give a shit about them.
  11. Dead Boss

    Satellite 15 mix defect

    People are criticising the solos, the mix, the lyrics, the melody, the chord progressions, the overall sound, etc. Nothing wrong with it. Nobody is shouting at small minority here. Nobody will hurt you because you don't like the chorus. Nobody is banning you because you care about slight...
  12. Dead Boss

    Best Iron Maiden Instrumental?

    From where I stand, it looks like you forgot to vote. Now it has only vote, namely mine.
  13. Dead Boss


    Re: Daily Song: Wrathchild 7/10 Good song, some good solos, great bass. It fits Paul, but Bruce sings it very well too, I think.
  14. Dead Boss

    Rank the Iron Maiden albums game

    Powerslave, TFF, TXF ...again
  15. Dead Boss

    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    Praised be Maverick for the update!
  16. Dead Boss

    Iron Maiden Survivor 2010 finished: Hallowed remains champion

    Re: Iron Maiden Survivor 2010: Piece Of Mind round 3 (Sep 1-2) Flight, Murders, Wrathchild
  17. Dead Boss

    Rank the Iron Maiden albums game

    TXF, TFF, Powerslave. I keep voting the same albums whole time (plus AMOLAD). Why not just move them to the top and pin them there?  :D
  18. Dead Boss

    Satellite 15 mix defect

    Personally I like, when there are mistakes in recording. It feels like it was made by real band, in real studio.
  19. Dead Boss

    Rank the Iron Maiden albums game

    Guess again. TXF, TFF, Powerslave