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  1. Bombusbombus

    Maiden albums you can’t get into?

    The only record I tend not to listen to is Virtual XI, the drumming and production is just too annoying, together with some bad arrangements it just doesn't work for me. Blaze does a good work though and some of the songs work really well live, and I really want to like the record more than I...
  2. Bombusbombus

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    I actually prefer the final frontier over the book of souls. I've never understood why so many seems to put it at the bottom of the reunion albums.
  3. Bombusbombus

    Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie

    Wasn't the second one the cover for the vinyl single?
  4. Bombusbombus

    Strangest setlist inclusions? (SPOILER FREE)

    Rime instead of Alexander on Somewhere's album tour was odd and Fear of the dark on SBIT still annoys me when I think about it.
  5. Bombusbombus

    Guess The Iron Maiden Song!

    The world piece tour :)
  6. Bombusbombus

    Worst Iron Maiden Song

    Age of innocence, weekend warrior and Can I play with madness are the only songs I tend to skip more often than I listen to them. Not necessarily the worst songs, but the most annoying ones, definitely.
  7. Bombusbombus

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    I definitely like No prayer better than Fear of the dark and I also like the production more. Especially the snare drum on fear of the dark annoys me for some reason.
  8. Bombusbombus

    Favorite line(s) from any IM song

    One hundred years have gone and men again they came that way To find the answer to the mystery They found his body lying where it fell that day Preserved in time for all to see No brave new world, no brave new world Lost in this place, to leave no trace
  9. Bombusbombus

    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

    My condolence and hugs Gk1. May Maiden give you strength.
  10. Bombusbombus

    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

    Anyone know what Bruce is talking about on the last chorus of wicker man, on the Stockholm bootleg/show?
  11. Bombusbombus

    Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

    TLOTLDR is one if the most underrated songs they've ever recorded in my opinion. But i wouldn't like more short rockers, I don't think that's where they are at their best anymore, I prefer the longer and more progressive songs on the later albums. Some short non-rockers would be interesting though.
  12. Bombusbombus

    The Ultimate TLOTB Setlist Thread (Contest!)

    01 The number of the beast 02 The evil that men do 03 These colours don't run 04 The trooper 05 Rime of the ancient mariner 06 Flight of Icarus 07 Powerslave 08 Wasted years 09 Revelations 10 For the greater good of god 11 2 Minutes to midnight 12 Halowed be thy name 13 Fear of the dark 14 Iron...
  13. Bombusbombus

    Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

    I can totally see this as their last tour and then they'll release an album but not tour with it.
  14. Bombusbombus

    Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

    Not messed up, but I don't think he could keep the speed up on a whole tour and those tracks would suffer for it.
  15. Bombusbombus

    Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

    I actually think Nico's tempo is a bigger issue than Bruce's voice regarding Aces high and BQOBD...
  16. Bombusbombus

    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Killers have a bad running order indeed, but I love the intro to Murder in the rue morgue, it would have fitted perfect as the first song on side B. And the title track should have been on the A side.
  17. Bombusbombus

    Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie

    I on the other hand really love the final frontier cover (except the mensa symbol key, it's wierd) :)
  18. Bombusbombus

    What is an epic to you?

    I think a song can feel like an epic if the music itself is momentous enough, and/or have a feeling of progression. Even if the lyrics maybe isn't epic enough. I actually think of red and black as an epic mostly because of the monumental heap of riffs that's piled up in the second half. It kinda...
  19. Bombusbombus

    Best Eddie

    I also think it's a bit sad that so few people seems to like the final frontier Eddie. Its one of my favourite designs of the last 20 years or so.