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  1. Dentura

    What is the Rarest Song you've seen Iron Maiden perform live?

    I agree, if it's been a long time since they played a song that counts as rare also in my opinion
  2. Dentura

    What is the Rarest Song you've seen Iron Maiden perform live?

    I remember seeing something about how "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" was only played once on the Somewhere in Time Tour in Belgrade on September 10, 1986 and that had me thinking if anyone on here has witnessed a song performed live that doesn't get played live all that often or...
  3. Dentura

    Which Senjutsu songs do you predict will be played live?

    I'm predicting: Senjutsu (for sure) Stratego (for sure) The Writing on The Wall (for sure) Days of Future Past (probably) The Time Machine (maybe) Darkest Hour (maybe) The Death of the Celts (maybe) Hell On Earth (probably) They may not all get played at the same time, but I think these ones...
  4. Dentura

    Hell On Earth

    I really like the acoustic/bass intro which again reminds me of something off The X Factor, I specifically had Fortunes of War in mind when hearing it. I think a bar or two could be removed from the intro before the song really gets going since it drags a bit but it's no big deal as the rest of...
  5. Dentura

    The Parchment

    This song is definitely one of the growers, it's still growing on me in fact and I find something new to enjoy every time. I like the quiet, ominous bass intro, it reminds me of the intros from the songs off of The X Factor which were just like this. One of my favorite parts is near the end when...
  6. Dentura

    Death Of The Celts

    This song is great, one that had me hooked from the first listen. I can't get enough of Harris' acoustic/bass intros, very reminiscent of songs like The Clansman, but in a good way. It also gives Bruce a break from the higher end of singing by letting him use his middle range throughout which...
  7. Dentura

    Darkest Hour

    A bit of a grower for me, Bruce's voice sounds buried at the beginning but it gets better as it goes on. It's a nice ballad with a lovely solo from Adrian and probably the best demonstration of Bruce's more emotionally expressive side of singing from songs like Revelations, Out of the Shadows...
  8. Dentura

    The Time Machine

    Now this is where things really get interesting for me! I love the carnivalesque melodies and the way Bruce's voice ascends during the verses, like he's climbing to the top of a mountain and as he gets there he delivers a spectacular, thundering chorus, my absolute favorite on the entire album...
  9. Dentura

    Days Of Future Past

    Of the shorter songs on this album (the shortest in fact), this one is probably the best in my opinion. Bruce sounds energized here and delivers a great and memorable chorus that immediately sticks with you. The uptempo beat is a nice change of pace from the more downtrodden nature of the last...
  10. Dentura

    Lost In A Lost World

    This song was pretty good on the first listen, but after a few more listens I've really come to appreciate this one quite a bit. The intro creates a lovely atmosphere and leads to some cool riffs during the verses. The chorus is one that's easy to get into your head and the melody during the...
  11. Dentura

    The Writing On The Wall

    I really like this song a lot! It's got a great rhythm and some killer, almost Wild West sounding riffs. Definitely boosts the momentum of the album's flow after the previous two songs for me. The animated music video for this song was also a lot of fun!
  12. Dentura


    Pretty decent tune, basically a standard Maiden single. Bruce sounds a bit buried in the mix, especially during the verses, but not bad overall. Will make a good song for the live shows I'm sure.
  13. Dentura


    A great way to start the album with a nice, propulsive beat. I also really like the chorus and the bridge Bruce sings before and after the first guitar solo where he sounds like he's in the distance giving his last stand. Not my favorite on the album personally, but still a good song overall...
  14. Dentura

    Iron Maiden 1st time in countries + the states (of America)

    I've only seen them locally here in California. I went to two shows. Maiden England Tour - August 10, 2012 (Irvine) Book of Souls Tour - April 16, 2016 (Inglewood)
  15. Dentura

    Empire Of The Clouds

    Quite simply the highlight of the album and one of the greatest songs the band has ever composed (if not the greatest period). The use of piano and orchestra is notable for an Iron Maiden song and helps lend this epic a certain level of weight and gravitas that few of their other songs possess...
  16. Dentura

    The Man Of Sorrows

    Another underrated David Murray contribution. The introductory solo is very melodic and soulful. Bruce Dickinson matches that with another emotionally charged performance of his own. The riff work in the rest of the song is catchy and easy to bob my head/tap my foot to. The use of modulation is...
  17. Dentura

    Tears Of A Clown

    The lyrics are a heartfelt tribute to Robin Williams but I think the live version sounds better musically. The studio version's pacing sounds a bit clunky in my opinion. 7/10
  18. Dentura

    Shadows Of The Valley

    The introduction sounds a little too close to Wasted Years for my comfort, but it doesn't last long and when the song really gets going, the band fires on all cylinders and take no prisoners. The music sounds very tight and there is a great sense of synergy between the instrumentalists. Bruce...
  19. Dentura

    Death Or Glory

    I like the main rhythm of the guitars and drums, very Running Free-esque. It's a decent rocker though I don't think it's as memorable as Speed of Light on the first disc. The melodies sound a little underwhelming and it's not as "singable" for me. Still, not a bad tune by any means. 7.25/10
  20. Dentura

    The Book Of Souls (song not album)

    A fantastic, spellbinding epic! Starts off with a haunting acoustic intro before going into a thundering riff which might be the closest I've heard Iron Maiden get to doom metal. Bruce Dickinson is at the peak of his powers throughout the song but especially during the chorus, which just sends...