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  1. terrell39

    His name is famous in New York but he is a Prowler in Chicago... least according to Wikipedia! Happy birthday to our own @MrKnickerbocker! :hbd:
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    May his lamp shine on grunge and Dream Theater always

    Happy Birthday to @Lampwick 43! Have a great one today (& hopefully another party Friday if you're seeing Dream Theater)! :applause::nana:
  3. terrell39

    Most depressing Maiden material

    As far as songs go, if we are strictly speaking about lyrics, Innocent Exile, Sea of Madness & Final Frontier are downers. If we count music and lyrics together, I would say Empire of the Clouds, Children of the Damned, & Paschendale As far as LPs go, how about the entire X Factor LP? BTW...
  4. terrell39

    Happy Birthday Dave Murray!

    A very Happy Birthday to one of the smoothest lead guitarists in metal! :hbd:
  5. terrell39

    Bands who copy Maiden songs or ideas

    Two examples (for starters): 1. Motorhead - released the following songs Killers in 2004 Brave New World in 2002 Assassin in 1998 2. Rush - Maiden releases Rock In Rio in 2002 and Rush releases Rush In Rio in 2003. Maiden plays new lp AMOLAD in its' entirety in 2006. Rush plays 9 tracks...
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    How about maiden making the b-sides available as mp3 downloads on amazon like all the original songs?
  7. terrell39

    lead guitar credits

    Why has maiden never printed lead guitar credits with the lyrics? After all they have 3 (!) lead guitarists! Yes each has their own style, but at times they influence each other & the styles blend together. Also, if maiden record another studio cd, it would be nice to have that info...
  8. terrell39

    matter of life & death live dvd?

    Why no live dvd of this tour? Not only was this the shortest US tour in the bands history, but this is the only tour this century (promoting a new cd) that has not been released as a live cd/dvd! This was also the 1st tour to skip Texas (where I live) so I could not see the show. I bought...