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  1. Desdemona


    This has grown on me a bit more in the last few days. Initially the instrumentals behind the first verse threw me off, they sounded like they didn't belong in the song after the intro. I still think it feels like that to me, but that small problem I had didn't allow me to appreciate the rest and...
  2. Desdemona

    Lost In A Lost World

    This is probably the song that breaks my heart the most in the album. The intro is great, the verses that follow are not bad, and I love the chorus and the energy it has. But whatever is going on between 3:38-4:10 sounds completely wrong and I have to skip it every time.
  3. Desdemona

    The Time Machine

    There's nothing grating about it musically, but it doesn't stand out that much either. That being said: I feel like Steve is trying to piss me off with the lyrics. He keeps going on about 'have I told you this', 'have I told you that', 'let me tell you about this and that and the other'. Well...
  4. Desdemona

    MARINA (and the Diamonds)

    So what do you think about Ancient Dreams? I like the first half a lot, I feel like that second half of songs basically blend into each other and are overall not very exciting (but from those I prefer I Love You But I Love Me More). I think Love + Fear is probably her worst (as seems to be the...
  5. Desdemona

    22, Acacia Avenue

    I've gotten a bit more jaded towards this song. 8/10 I give it that more 'charitable' interpretation of the lyrics that the previous commenter mentioned, but it still bothers me, considering the rather patronizing tone: "don't you see you're doing this and that, ruining your life, etc.?". Well...
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    What songs/albums have you changed your mind the most drastically about, since you started listening to IM?

    I'm kinda the same way. I never was much into TFF and TBOS but I only started to admit it to myself recently.
  7. Desdemona

    What songs/albums have you changed your mind the most drastically about, since you started listening to IM?

    Title is difficult to word maybe, but for example: I used to listen to Bring Your Daughter constantly, when I started listening to IM. It was the only song I would have said was good from NPFTD. And now to me it't the worst from the album, second to Hooks in You. I can't remember the last time I...
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    I read Childhood's End recently. I thought it was good, but maybe needed a bit more work. Usually I try to question whether a book is really worth its length but with this I actually felt it needed many more pages for what it was. The narrator is rushing to explain the world to you so you don't...
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    Charlotte the Harlot

    there was a time when you left me standing tHheaAAAgh
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    I can know what it was meant to do and still find it bland.
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    A lot of the writing was like: He went into a dark room and was followed by two other men. Drops of sweat were starting to form on his forehead. He started to cry. The two men laughed and placed a paper right in front of him, on the desk. He cried in an ugly way. He was a soft-spoken man, with...
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    I finished reading Tropic of Cancer a few days ago. I'm still thinking about it. Overall it wasn't a favorite but there were many lines I thought were clever, funny or just an example of talented writing. But after a while (more like towards the very end) it started to get tiring to have the...
  13. Desdemona

    The Unbeliever

    I have grown to like how Blaze sings here, especially with the chorus he sounds like he's really feeling the lyrics and it makes me overlook him struggling at times. Now some of the random changes were awkward (like in the intro) and could have been left out. But I like the mood of the song...
  14. Desdemona

    The Aftermath

    By the time this song starts the quiet intros are kind of predictable, but after that it does feel like a sincere *sad* song. Some parts of the lyrics are more memorable and clever than others. The second half is by far more interesting than the first. 7/10
  15. Desdemona

    Look For the Truth

    I love the lyrics of this song, even if they weren't that well performed. In any case the instrumental parts make it easier to get through the whole song. I don't mind the whoa-oh-ohs until they start getting repeated towards the end. 6/10
  16. Desdemona

    Lord of the Flies

    I don't especially the vocals (Blaze or Bruce's) and the intro -the first 30 seconds or so- is weird and maybe a bit annoying. I think the lyrics are fine, since they do feel like coming from one of the novel's characters, and overall it's not a song I would call boring but it feels more...
  17. Desdemona

    Weakest Song from each Iron Maiden album

    It's not even funny how much I agree with you. Except Flash of the Blade, that's a beautiful one. But yeah, Hooks in You and New Frontier are probably their worst.
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    Top 10 anime villains with redemption arcs
  19. Desdemona

    Death Metal

    You'd think CC at least would be easier to listen to. I show Hammer Smashed Face to my boyfriend and he goes " actually like that? he's just making pig noises." Boy if you think those are pig noises...
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    Death Metal

    I did check it out, I think I'd need to listen to it a few times more to get into it. I've listened to a bit of Effigy and Pierced From Within, and I feel like I also need some time to get into them. I listened to Blood Oath and wasn't a huge fan.