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  1. desultory

    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    Pure Gold maestro
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    The essential bootlegs?

    Wow- that Nijmegen gig is possibly my favourite bootleg of all time and the sound is better than the last official Maiden live albums and possibly studio albums. They are on fire here!
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    Killers: individual album judgement by yours truly

    Yeh it really is mandatory listening this - and full on bliss. Such a shame to miss.
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    Killers: individual album judgement by yours truly

    I always go for this one: Lean and mean
  5. desultory

    Killers - The Single

    Sold on eBay for quite an amount of money I am sad to say.
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    Your Maiden collection, what's in it?

    It’s a big decision to sell something you have spent so much time collecting. I’m in a similar situation having collected all the rare and expensive items from the 80s and early 90s. I even collected many bootleg vinyls because some of them look better than the official ones. If I was you I’d...
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    The essential bootlegs?

    Just to bump this - fuckin awesome share @Forostar. I’ve been going through my early bootleg collection and this one still stands out as a firm Beast on the Road favourite.
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    Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live in Mexico City (new live album)

    I agree. I find it exhausting listening to him sometimes - mainly on recorded performances. In a live setting I don’t mind as much.
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    Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie

    Cheerio mate - I probably should have put it in here originally.
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    Nights Of The Dead - LOTB - Live in Mexico City

    I have opted for a 1981 red vinyl release of Milwaukee Summerfest instead. So, for me, a pass at the mo.
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    Killers - The Single

    Well you may be right and you may not be. This poster does say “new single Killers” and the Harris remark is curious as well. The place I saw it said it was pulled due to the Yorkshire ripper trial and Twilight Zone/Wrathchild was released instead. In the end I merely posted it for sake of its...
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    Killers - The Single

    The track Killers was intended as the first single from the album Killers. Found this a while back and this is new information for me. This is the first I have heard of this, plus as seen on the pictures the artwork was Eddie with a cigarette in mouth. Also see Steve’s message on the poster...
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    Maiden Trivia Of The Day

    Best of the Beast is from 1996 and BBC Archives from 2003. I think that was the intended message.
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    Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment- Ramones
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    Is there a good quality bootleg from The Beast on the Road tour

    My essentials: The Beast on the Road 1982 - some really amazing bootlegs from Bruce's first tour. 1982-03-09 Oxford - the Smilers master version is just the very best from this tour. Almost as good as a soundboard recording. 1982-03-24 Paris - there's an FM version around, really the one to go...
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    Maidenfans Album Club: Purest of Pain - Solipsis

    Am not very active on here, but I’ll throw in Subhuman Race by Skid Row from gloomy 1995 and cross fingers it gets picked. Cheers
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    The essential bootlegs?

    Exactly that, one of the best from that tour
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    Maiden Albums: Head to Head

    Gangland is really unappreciated on here.
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    Looking for Bootlegs from 95/96, 90/91, and 86/87

    Version refers to a bootleg where there are 2 or more different versions of it, for instance version 1 is an audience recording and version 2 is a soundboard recording. Maybe there even is a 3rd version where an owner of the master recording did a so called upgrade thus enhancing the sound...
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    Looking for Bootlegs from 95/96, 90/91, and 86/87

    Oh and not all are SB but very good.