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  1. Slartibartfarst42

    Adrian Smith

    I can't say I'm that familiar with the early albums involving Janick. NPFTD and FOTD are my least favourite Maiden albums and I haven't listened to them in years now. I did like X-Factor and there was some good material on VXI too but nothing stood out as having Adrian's magic. I think it's...
  2. Slartibartfarst42

    How old were you when you started listening to Maiden and which 3 albums did you buy first?

    I started listening to the band in 1980 when I heard the first Iron Maiden album. I was 15 at the time and clearly that was the first album I ever bought. The next was Killers and that was when I first saw the band live. My third album was The Number of the Beast, so my first three albums were...
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    Weakest Song from each Iron Maiden album

    Iron Maiden: Strange World Killers: The Ides of March The Number Of The Beast: Gangland Piece Of Mind: Quest For Fire (Probably the worst song of them all) Powerslave: Losfer Words Somewhere In Time: Alexander the Great Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son: Can I Play with Madness No Prayer For The...
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    Perspective is everything. I liked AMOLAD when it came out, but I've always thought that BNW and DOD are better and that view has never changed. It's certainly better than TFF and TBOS. Until Senjutsu came along, I'd have said that DOD was the best reunion album but even that couldn't challenge...
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    I can't believe I'm even thinking this, but I think there is a strong case that Senjutsu is the best album Maiden have ever released. I started following the band in 1980 so I've been there for every album as it was released and this alone makes it tough for me because I have a strong emotional...
  6. Slartibartfarst42

    A great return to form

    I hear you on that, it's not great at all. On my own ranking I have: 17. NPFTD 16. FOTD 15. VXI 14. TBOS 13. TFF On some days I might place VXI a bit higher as in many respects it's better than TBOS but the endless repetition means I just can't listen to much on that album.
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    A great return to form

    You're absolutely right and this is very much on my mind. There's also the fact that I was so disappointed in the last two albums that my surprise that this one is so good is making overestimate its real value. It's amazing how differently people see albums. For me, the only albums worse than...
  8. Slartibartfarst42

    The Book of Souls: General album discussion

    I would agree that the other option would be to rewrite the songs to better cater to Bruce's voice, or possibly just tune down so that he wasn't having to push his voice as much. That would help to a degree, but even with that adjustment, it's just not a great Maiden album.
  9. Slartibartfarst42

    A great return to form

    Having been disappointed in the previous two albums, I was wary about this album before it's release. Having followed Iron Maiden for 41 years, I didn't want my favourite band to end with a whimper. My first encounter with this album was 'The Writing on the Wall' and my primary hope was that...
  10. Slartibartfarst42

    The Book of Souls: General album discussion

    This may be a controversial opinion, but I really didn't like The Book of Souls. It wasn't that it was an awful album by any means, not like NPFTD, which was a really awful album, it's more that it left me deflated and disappointed. The main reason I don't like this album wasn't even the band's...
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    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    After the three previous albums all being impressive in some way, I was looking forward to The Final Frontier with great anticipation, and with good reason. In this album we can see the continuing trend away from Maiden's traditional gallop and towards more Prog-based songs. While I love the...
  12. Slartibartfarst42

    A move to the dark side

    AMOLAD always leaves me a little confused about my feelings towards it, even after all these years. There is nothing at all to dislike here, not even the album cover, which is far from their best but a big improvement on the previous album. All of the songs are strong, there's plenty variety...
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    The Development Continues

    BNW was a fantastic return to form for Iron Maiden, and Dance of Death is arguably even better. Other than the disappointing album cover, it's hard to find fault with this offering from 2003. Unusually, every member of the band was involved with the song writing, and I think that helps to give...
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    New posters! Who are you?

    I got an award for Norway :) I love doing the crinkly bits around fjords.
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    A return to form

    After some time away from the band, Bruce was refreshed and ready to return. Maiden had experienced some lean years, so Bruce's returned also seemed like the best way to rekindle the magic. All of this is understandable, but it wouldn't necessarily bring success as all they would be doing was...
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    So near, yet so far

    I find this to be a very frustrating Maiden album. Blaze had made an extremely promising start as their vocalist on X-Factor and on this album, it seemed like the band were more successfully writing for Blaze's voice. Most of the songs were really good, and overall the album benefited from a...
  17. Slartibartfarst42

    Deserves more respect

    After the crushing disappointment of NPFTD and FOTD, I confess I couldn't face X-Factor initially and it was the first time since 1981 that I didn't see Maiden live. I eventually listened to it a couple of months before Virtual XI was released and I was immediately intrigued. The most obvious...
  18. Slartibartfarst42

    Bruce at his best?

    In my view his high was virtually anything between The Number of the Beast and AMOLAD, with the really golden era being Powerslave, Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son. I REALLY liked him on Caught Somewhere in Time but there's a lot of great performances to choose from. At the other end of the...
  19. Slartibartfarst42

    An Improvement?

    While Fear of the Dark was an improvement on NPFTD, that isn't much praise when NPFTD set the bar so incredibly low. Nevertheless, this album was a step in the right direction with one or two highlights. Be Quick or Be Dead was a really good track and I was pleased to see Janick contributing...
  20. Slartibartfarst42

    A Heavy Fall

    As a HUGE Adrian Smith fan, I remember being absolutely crushed to hear that Adrian had left the band. To my mind, he was at least the equal of Steve Harris as a songwriter and the best guitarist in the band. He'd written the best songs on Somewhere in Time, his influence was all over SSOASS and...