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  1. Anomica

    Music obtaining binge

    The Danish band D.A.D - especially "Riskin' it all", "No fuel left for the pilgrims" and their latest, "Monster Philosophy". They're really great, heavy rock rather than metal. Some critics call them country-punk or country-metal. I only know that they're a great band!
  2. Anomica

    Is bearing children an inherit human right?

    Oh, I certainly don't agree to that either. As late as the mid 1900s mentally ill people were forcibly sterilized in Sweden, which caused a great scandal. My point is that regardless of what I personally believe, we can't stop people from becoming pregnant. But the right of the child is often...
  3. Anomica

    Is bearing children an inherit human right?

    I can't see having children as a right for anyone. To some, it's a life-long dream that can't come true without psychologically and financially straining actions, such as invitero conception and things like that. But having children shouldn't be a right, since if we consider it a right we're...
  4. Anomica

    New Iron Maiden Studio Album

    My guess is 9 songs, probably none under 6 minutes :innocent:
  5. Anomica

    Another ruined experience - August 14, Basle

    About sound quality and that stuff: At Ullevi (Gothenburg) I chose to stand close to the sound tech's booth and I must say that the sound was spectacular! I could hear all three guitars and some details from the riffs and such. Bruce's voice was better than on the last two Gothenburg gigs and...
  6. Anomica

    Bootlegs from the Somewhere Back In Time Tour so far

    There's a torrent around that some guy made with his private dv cam. The sound is pretty ok but the video is so-so since he's standing at the sides and people stand in his way. The torrent is called Iron_Maiden_Somewhere_back_in_time_in_Gothenburg_bootleg_xvid_2008_Lzy and it's a 2-disc Xvid.
  7. Anomica

    Stockholm Stadium 16th July 2008

    I was listening to the radio-sent version of the Gothenburg 2005 gig where he introduces Nicko as a "sticksman extraordinaire - but where he sticks it no-one knows..." I laughed out loud at that and the people on the bus looked strangely at me :D
  8. Anomica

    Stockholm Stadium 16th July 2008

    Wow, Natalie. You should send that revue into one of the evening papers here in Sweden (Aftonbladet or Expressen) just to let them know how a real fan experiences a gig. I read every word about the Stockholm show last week and it just made me even more anxious. Come Saturday, I'm off to...
  9. Anomica

    Attention all thread killers.....

    Happy birthday, Onhell. I hope it's a good one.
  10. Anomica

    Global survey of Iron Maiden's fans

    Done. I'm really looking forward to reading the results. Good luck with your thesis, mate :ok:
  11. Anomica

    Favorite tour you attended

    I must say that Live after Death in Gothenburg was the best for me. I saw Maiden the year before at the same venue and that was good enough to want to go again, but LAD just blew my mind. ROTAM live was an event that's stuck with me for 20+ years. Oh, and I saw Meatloaf in 1981 :bigsmile: He...
  12. Anomica

    A Sinister Minister

    Happy birthday, Minister.
  13. Anomica

    The Pie Man...

    Grattis, Yax-mannen :bigsmile:
  14. Anomica

    Language affects personality

    I'm not sure about languages, but sometimes it's enough to switch dialects. My wife sounds and behaves one way when she's around here (Swedish west coast) but when she speaks with her mother or other relatives in the far south of Sweden (Skåne) her entire persona changes; she swears more, talks...
  15. Anomica

    The government has just made illegal wiretapping legal...

    I'm aware. I just find it really bad form that so many abstain when it's such a provocative and controversial piece of legislation. Cowards! And yes, I believe the law will be in play one year from today. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for chasing terrorists. What I'm against is this "guilty until...
  16. Anomica

    The government has just made illegal wiretapping legal...

    It would be laughable if it wasn't so god damned bad! The thing is that politicians throughout the western world don't seem to understand that they're only playing into the hands of the terrorists. Every infringement of our freedoms and rights is a win for the terrorists. They're winning, and...
  17. Anomica

    European Politics

    Re: European Union EU really shows it's views on true democracy...if you have a referendum and the people say 'no', it must be corrected. No is not an option? What's that? Democracy? Saddam couldn't have done it better :mad:
  18. Anomica

    the np thread

    What about Circle of Hands? That's the one that did it for me. Beautiful song.
  19. Anomica

    Now drinking - the revival

    In Sweden we used to have lots of small breweries, but these days one of the best, Falcon, is owned by Carlsberg and if I want Carlsberg's products I buy a Carlsberg. In my hometown, Halmstad, we have a fairly successful brewery called Krönlein's but I find their beers hard to drink. Unfortunately.
  20. Anomica

    Official Hockey discussion thread

    Thanks, LC. I'll try to follow some NHL on it from now on. :)