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    Is LotB set

    Ullevi 2005 (Early Days) set list, the original Maiden England (1988) setlist are a few that immediately come to mind.
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    Even know this isn't one of the oldschool 'Deth tunes, love the way that they ripped Sleepwalker at Download in 2007.
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    Blaze touring issues?

    Unfortunately, never got to see Maiden with Blaze in person. Both of their dates in the San Francisco Bay Area (for the tour in support of The X-factor and Virtual XI) were cancelled. And then get this: the Ed Hunter tour (with Bruce back in the fold) was cancelled in the Bay Area also, as...
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    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Basketball Jersey

    Anyone know where you could possibly find one for sale? Been all over the web and Ebay, and I can't seem to even find 1. Should have bought one when they were available from Maiden's official store.
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    Maidenfans Meetups 2019

    Oakland, CA on 09/10/19.
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    Iron Maiden pictures

    Iron Maiden @ Sleeptrain Pavillion-6/20/10
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    YES!!!!!! September 10th (2 days before my B-day) 2019 in OakTown!!!!!!!!
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    Iron Maiden books

    That would be fantastic, as he is the majority songwriter, and true soul behind the band we all know and love.
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    Running Free vs Sanctuary

    I'd have to give the nod to Running Free because of the live interpretation of the song.
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    Iron Maiden Members Net Worth, Lifestyle, Iron Maiden, Family, Kids, Young, Biography, House & Cars

    Don't know if anyone has checked these out before, but they're pretty damn interesting. Couldn't find ones for the 3 Amigos (Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, & Janick Gers) though. Bruce Dickinson Steve Harris Nicko McBrain
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    Oakland A's vs. Houston Astros - Bottom of the 9th
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    Best Eddie

    I'm partial to the Killers and TNOTB Eddies's. Maybe it's the long hair, lol
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    Uh, lol, Celebrity Family Feud.
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    Your top 10 Maiden songs since Bruce's comeback(2000-2015)?

    In no particular order: The Longest Day Dance of Death Where the Wild Wind Blows The Wickerman For the Greater Good of God Out of the Silent Planet Journeyman The Legacy Montesegur Brave New World
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    How did you feel when the reunion was announced in 1999?

    TCW, IMHO, may be a more musically creative and innovative album, but AOB could seemingly have the catchier tunes. In any case, both are incredibly stellar Bruce releases, and sounded fresher than anything Maiden had done during his hiatus from the band,
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    Death Metal

    Death - "Suicide Machine"
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    Thrash Metal

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    Your Final Maiden Song To Hear?

    Just curious on everyone's take. In the final hours (if bound to a hospital bed), some have made peace, and are ready to go at any time. While some others are in continual pain, and just want it all to stop. Diferent Maiden tunes can and would be appropriate for either given situation.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    This is damn funny.