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  1. Chartwell


    DoomSword are an appropriately enough doom metal band from Italy, in the vein of Candlemass but with their own distinctive style. They've been evolving with each album, from their self-titled debut in 1999 through Resound the Horn, Let Battle Commence, My Name Will Live On (my personal...
  2. Chartwell

    Has anyone seen these kids before? Flight of Icarus! ... r_embedded in the words of the source that I first found it ( ... n-j-miller) "I am no longer worried about the next generation. It will be just fine." :edmetal: :rocker:
  3. Chartwell

    Maiden Songs that belong on other albums

    Hey all, I've been listening quite heavily to the entire Maiden catalog as of late, thanks to you guys and your passion, but was thinking that some songs stand out on albums as not fitting with that album's vibe - that is, that they'd be better on other albums. I've commented on another post...
  4. Chartwell

    Maiden Sequels - Pilgrim/Talisman?

    It seems to me that Maiden tend to do a lot of sequels to their songs - I would argue that Powerslave is the biggest offender, with The Duellists (sequel to Flash of the Blade) and Back in the Village (Prisoner)... maybe sequels isn't the right terminology, as they don't tend to flow directly...
  5. Chartwell

    Aces High and Churchill's Speech

    I have a question that perhaps some of you old-timers with inside knowledge can answer. I think Churchill's Speech is integral to Aces High, and is one of the best openings to a Maiden song. It's used live, it was used to awesome effect in the video, and it's like it's part of a set - can't have...
  6. Chartwell

    Best Ending to a Maiden Song

    I start this topic because, well, I tell everyone far and wide (including my suffering wife) that the ending of "the Clairvoyant" is my favorite ending of any Maiden song, and I think number two in the history of rock music behind the Beatles' "Day in the Life." The build throughout the song and...