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  1. Collin

    A Random Best Guitarist Poll: Part 1 - The Miracle and the Sleeper

    I like 2 of these guitarists but I also like all of the others.
  2. Collin

    Which opening band would you rather be forced to sit through?

    Let's set the scene.. Today you are going to a concert. It's one of your favorite bands. You purchased GA tickets and have been lined up since 1PM to get the best possible spot. You have beared through the heat and the plantar fasciitis that affects you. Now there's one thing left... That shitty...
  3. Collin

    ToolVivor Results

    The game generated quite a bit of interest and there is really 1 1/2 survivors running right now. Plus there's finally a new album!!!! Welcome to ToolVivor. This is going to be a very quick one, probably quicker than Ghost. We're going to rate the songs as they were intended to be listened to...
  4. Collin


    Drunk posting is more dangerous. It’s slowly becoming legal and us here are MaidenFans tend to be ahead of the curve (Leaked albums) so I thought we needed one. Also made this so we could get some killer one liners from @Travis The Dragon.
  5. Collin

    Why was the Dance of Death tour so short?

    New topic. Enough of the fake news in album #17 thread. :ninja: Why was the Dance of Death tour so short? The tour spanned over 2 years across all major continents (AUS being the only exception.) A decently sized European tour was the first leg, but South America and especially the US got...
  6. Collin

    Wrathchild vs. Pour Some Sugar On Me vs. Sabaton vs. Diesel's Lists vs. Brexit! You Decide!!!!!

    The ultimate competition. Breaking the definitions of categories. You Decide!
  7. Collin

    Is Iron Maiden a "niche" band? You Decide!!!

    The age old question must be answered. You decide!!!
  8. Collin

    5 favorite Judas Priest albums, 3 favorites from each

    Go!!! 1. Painkiller: Night Crawler, Painkiller, Between the Hammer and the Anvil 2. Defenders of the Faith: The Sentinel, Rock Hard Ride Free, Freewheel Burning 3. Killing Machine: Hell Bent For Leather, Running Wild, Deliverin' The Goods 4. Firepower: Rising From Ruins, Traitors Gate, No...
  9. Collin


    I'm kind of curious to hear some thoughts on these guys. I haven't heard all of their material, but from everything I've heard it's awesome!!! I think they're also working on a new album, so that's something to look forward to. I think 'Rosemary' is my favorite song I've heard so far.
  10. Collin

    Risk Vs. Super Collider? YOU DECIDE!

    Back at it again with another group of absolutely timeless classics by everyone's favorite Obama hating band... MEGADETH. Which is better? Risk or Super Collider!? YOU DECIDE!
  11. Collin

    Most favorite Iron Maiden song to see live

    I have put together a list of best the Iron Maiden songs to see live. I created the list after years of viewing the forum and based it on a general consensus of everyone's opinions. Please only vote for songs on the poll.
  12. Collin

    Frequency Unknown vs Dedicated to Chaos

    Another meaningless poll. Two questions this time though!
  13. Collin

    Create a Setlist: Any band you want!

    Meaningless indeed! Rules: Keep it to one artist. For example if you’re doing a Megadeth setlist, please only do Megadeth songs. No Megadeth doing Iron Maiden covers! Keep it realistic. GO!
  14. Collin

    St. Anger vs. Lulu

    Both albums are immortal classics from the Thrash Gods known as Metallica! You decide which album is better!
  15. Collin

    Ghostvivor: Results

    The Ghost survivor should be starting shortly after Alevivor wraps up. I will go over the planned layout just to make sure everything is correct. The following songs will be included... All songs from Opus Eponymous All songs from Infestissumam (Including La Mantra Mori) All songs from Meliora...
  16. Collin

    Greta Van Fleet

    They seem to be quite controversial due to the fact they sound pretty much exactly like Led Zeppelin. In fact when I first heard ‘Safari Song’ I thought it was Zep however google proved me wrong. Their popularity is growing quite fast and it’s quite impressive due to their age. Their debut...
  17. Collin


    Welcome to the Metallica Albums Survivor! You know the drill.
  18. Collin

    METALLICA SURVIVOR 2016: Results - Fade to Black wins again

    This is just a list of the songs that will be in the game. Let me know if I'm missing something. The game starts Friday the 18th. All songs from... - Kill Em All - Ride the Lightning - Master of Puppets - ...And Justice For All - Black Album - Load - Reload (+ No Leaf Clover, - Human, and I...
  19. Collin

    Alice in Chains Album Survivor Results

    Welcome to the AiC Album Survivor. The rules are the same as other album survivors out there. We will be including all 5 studio albums along with Sap and Jar of Flies. Enjoy! Alice in Chains Album Survivor Top 7! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.