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    When did Steve really start playing power chords so much

    The above is Angel and the Gambler live 98. Steve plays basically the whole thing, strumming chords with his nails. When did Steve start playing so many power chords on his bass? His early bass work was always very busy, fast finger work and fills. There may have been the occasional chord like...
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    Ever notice how Steve doesn’t write “riffs” anymore?

    Warning; thread may seem a little cynical and also gets very slightly into music theory Remember all the riffs Steve used to write? Damn near every classic Maiden song from the eighties came from Steve’s punchy bass driven riffs. The likes of Wrathchild, Trooper, Aces High, Number of the Beast...
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    Steve’s most unsingable vocal lines

    Steve has written some literally unsingable vocal lines in his time. He’s lucky that he has an absolute freak of nature in Bruce in the band that can manage them. From Bruce’s book- “Steve had a habit of whistling softly into a portable cassette machine, and then transposing this into a vocal...
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    Am I misremembering this?

    It was on the Ed Hunter tour in 99, not sure which show. The band start to go into a Blaze era song when a fan(s) shouts their discontent about the song. Bruce shouts at him to show some respect or something like that. Did that happen? Have a feeling it was before clansman.
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    If Bruce sang a sixth blaze song live?

    Bruce has sung Futureal and The Clansman from Virtual XI, and Man on the Edge, Sign of the Cross and Lord of the Flies from the X Factor. I personally think Bruce did a great job on the Blaze tunes but I still prefer Blaze on the three shorter songs as his low register really fits them well...