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  1. adrian fn rules

    Is Adrian's TWOTW solo better than SIASL????

    I tried to create a poll but my dumb-ass couldn't do it... lol anyway I think that Adrian's solo in the Writing on the wall is spectacular, maybe even rivaling his solo in stranger in a strange land what do you guys think?
  2. adrian fn rules

    How to Find out when Maiden lands at airport before the show?

    I would love to be there when the boys' land and hopefully see them when they de-plane. Are they still going to fly on ed force one? Now that Austraus went out of business, what would the flight number be? Im going to the show at Irvine on Aug 10th, and I dont know whether they will fly into...
  3. adrian fn rules

    I wonder what the boys think of their work being leaked......

    ......of course, I'm sure that the majority of us who have downloaded the leak ( because we are impatient and could'nt wait! ) will buy the CD next week anyway.....but do you think Maiden realize this also?  Do you think they might be angry at all?  Methinks that they are pretty laid back...
  4. adrian fn rules


    So I just listened to TFF for the fourth time.......Does everyone agree that this is basically Adrian's  album ?? ( and to a slightly lesser extent, Bruce's )    He wrote the majority of the songs and I can hear his influence throughout this album...  Isle of Avalon is my new favorite song...
  5. adrian fn rules

    Here is My Maiden Tattoo! who else has one?

    Ok, hopefully my computer skills are enough that I can upload this......Tell me what you think.  I had this done about a year ago....It is my first Tattoo EVER..... And I am 41 years old....Kinda tells you where my allegiances lie......Ha Ha.   OK   the pic I was trying to upload was 512 Kb  and...
  6. adrian fn rules

    How can i find out when the band is arriving at the airport/hotel before the san bernardino show?

    im going to the show on the 19th, i would love to be able to greet the guys at the airport or when they arrive at the hotel,  does anyone have info on this?