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    UK Politics

    So when is the British lion going to roar again?
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    The Unbeliever

    This one should have been a B-side. I get that they went experimental and thats’s great and all, but the result is just a mess.
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    What's the matter with FOTD?

    In my opinion: Iron Maiden is pretty much all about melodies, while most or many songs on FotD are riff-based. It works on Be Quick or Be Dead because the song is overall very good, but most tracks on the album are just mediocre mid-tempo rockers. Add to that Bruce’s less melodic delivery, and...
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    Fortunes of War

    One of those songs I sometimes like a lot, other times it’s just boring. The intro and buildup that follows are great. Love the parts where Steve’s bass line alternate with the whole band and then Dave’s guitar comes along. To my ears the guitar part sounds a bit like Hendrix in Machine Gun...
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    Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

    Great song, one of the best on an already stellar album. The main riff in the intro and verses is in 7/4 time, but it doesn’t feel gimmicky or strange on purpose. Instead it flows very naturally and works well under the vocals as well. Not a 10 because it’s a bit too long and the faster part...
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    The Longest Day

    Great buildup, tension growing step by step... and then the chorus ( How long etc...) just falls flat. After that the song never really recovers. 5
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    The Pilgrim

    One of my favorites on the album. There are some interesting Arabic-sounding melodies, and especially the post-chorus part sounds great with Nicko going half-tempo and then hitting the china on each beat. Like the lyrics as well. 9.
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    Different World

    A perfectly good opener for an incredibly good album. For some reason I really like the lyrics and overall message of this song. DW would probably also sound good as an acoustic version. Solid 9
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    Martin Birch - the master

    In a shocking revelation, it seems like everybody has their own favourites and not-so-favorites among Maiden albums when it comes to the production and sound. But overall I think it’s great that every album has a distinct sound and sonic personality. It takes about two seconds of listening and...
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    Comparing SIT to SSOASS

    Some people don’t like the production on SIT, especially the guitars, which have that 80’s chorus+delay sound. I for one really like it. To my ears the sound is sort of retro futuristic, in lack of a better term. A product of it’s time for sure, but a really well made one. One thing I really...
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Yep, DoD is brickwalled to the point of clipping at some points.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    There’s nothing wrong with the lead sounds, but the rhythm guitars just have an overemphasis on some midrange frequencies that make it less than great to my ears.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Yeah, VXI is pretty lame sounding. Raspy guitars, bass too low, etc... I would also say that Dance of Death really isn’t that great sound-wise.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    True. And of course what sounds good is a subjective opinion. But in my opinion, TXF sounds just right. The fact that it’s quieter and more dynamic than other Maiden records is not a sign of bad production. EDIT: It’s a bit funny that AMOLAD, which wasn’t mastered at all, has so much less...
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Another one: The X Factor is not a bad sounding or badly produced album. In fact it sounds a lot better than No Prayer or Fear Of the Dark.
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    The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

    I will probably never get tired of Nicko’s single pedal bass drum work on this one. The opening melody is great. However, the lyrics are a bit lame and the vocals don’t really work that well during the verses.
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    Sign of the Cross

    Don’t call me buddy, guy! There are many that come close, too many to mention.
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    Sign of the Cross

    Quite simply the best song Iron Maiden has ever done. I like the studio version and the RiR one equally, and finally hearing the song live last summer was truly amazing. 10
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Yeah, just too happy for me. Never really liked RTTH or TNOTB that much for some reason, much prefer HBTN with Nicko, and the rest is meh.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Number of the Beast is my least favorite Maiden album.