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  1. Earendil Ancient Mariner

    Senjutsu Red Vinyl Playlist

    I've just made a playlist of almost all the Senjutsu album on red vinyl, the only one that is missing is Days Of Future Past because it got blocked.
  2. Earendil Ancient Mariner

    Iron Maiden Commentary no longer has any comments

    If you go to the Iron Maiden Commentary page you'll notice there aren't any comments at all anymore... I'm one of the administrators of the Iron Maiden México page on facebook and wanted to investigate about a Maiden song to post a discussion of it... Is this a sign that it's being updated...
  3. Earendil Ancient Mariner

    The Book Of Souls sounds so much better on vinyl (Videos)

    Finally The Book Of Souls arrived in Mexico... I just did these videos showing the audio and definitely the audio of the vinyl is a huge improvement over the CD, it's clearer and less muddy, even with youtube compression... Edit: The videos were taken down by youtube... but I just uploaded...
  4. Earendil Ancient Mariner

    Wasted Years 2013 Picture Disc and 1986 USA Edition Comparison

    Hello, I'm from México and I recently got the new edition of Somewhere in Time on picture disc, but when I listened to it I noticed it had a lower audio quality compared to the 1986 edition and I decided to make a video. In this video you can hear and realize that the 1986 edition of Somewhere...
  5. Earendil Ancient Mariner

    The Sound of Vinyl

    Some of my friends don't believe me when I tell them that most vinyls sound better than CD. So I made this video. This is one of my favourite songs from Iron Maiden taken from their album "Somewhere in Time"... I chose this album because it has a great audio quality. I captured the audio with...
  6. Earendil Ancient Mariner

    Look what I found!

    Greetings from México!! Here I show you Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time on blue vinyl. Sounds great!! How rare is this??