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  1. Poto

    Rock in Rio 2021 announced (possible album tour)

    Like expected Maiden have been announced as the headliner of the opening day of Rock in Rio 2021. Bruce says "Last year’s Legacy tour was so much fun, you’ll just have to wait and see what we have planned for...
  2. Poto


    With the World Chess Championship between reigning champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Fabiano Caruana starting on friday I thought we needed a thread about this wonderful game. Anyone here who plays?
  3. Poto

    Similar opening lines

    Started to wonder how many songs have similar opening lines? I can think of at least three Dance of Death - Let me tell you a story The Legacy - Tell you a thing El Dorado - Got to tell you a story Any more?
  4. Poto

    Your best-of setlist

    Lets say that Maiden are going on tour, and they want you to decide the setlist. Which songs would you pick? Last song before encores have to be Iron Maiden. And Hallowed Be Thy Name has to be in the setlist. 1. Aces High 2. 2 Minutes to Midnight 3. Still Life 4. Blood Brothers 5. Dance of...