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  1. Patrick Watts

    Maiden songs

    As it has been duly noted, I have yet to listen to Maiden's entire discography, only listening to 9 of the 15 albums partially Iron Maiden - Sanctuary, Running Free, Phantom, Charlotte and Iron Maiden Killers - Wrathchild The Number of the Beast - Invaders, Prisoner, NOTB, RTTH, Hallowed Piece...
  2. Patrick Watts

    Iron Maiden Compilation Album

    If you could put 15 songs on an Iron Maiden compilation album, studio and live, which songs would you choose, and what would you call it? I'd call mine 'Iron Maiden - The Epics' 1) Powerslave 2) Phantom of the Opera ( Donington '13) 2) The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 3) Hallowed Be Thy...
  3. Patrick Watts

    Create your own Iron Maiden setlist!

    Every year, Iron Maiden goes on tour, to either promote a new album, or generally revisit old songs. If you had 20 songs to choose from, plus three encores, what would they be? Discuss below Mine would be: 1) The Prisoner 2) Wrathchild 3) When the Wild Wind Blows 4) Run to the Hills 5) The...
  4. Patrick Watts

    Themes for new Maiden album

    Iron Maiden's long awaited sixteenth studio album is expected to drop in 2014 at the earliest. Although there's no hint of what themes might be in th album, I wondered what you'd like to hear in the new album Personally, I'd like an epic based on medieval England. Maiden have covered many...
  5. Patrick Watts

    Anyone interested in forming a Maiden tribute band?

    The thread title is pretty self-explanatory. I've been thinking of this for a while now, and I would like to form a Maiden tribute band. If anyone is from the Somerset area of the UK, I'd much appreciate to hear your interest. Basically, I would like to be the lead vocalist, as I cannot play...
  6. Patrick Watts

    Best song on The Final Frontier

    The Final Frontier featured many great songs on it, but which was your favourite? Please select and say why
  7. Patrick Watts

    Maiden Albums Needed

    I am in the process of attempting to collect every Iron Maiden album, and was wondering if anybody has any albums, studio and live, going cheap? I already have iron Maiden The Number of the Beast Rock in Rio En Vivo If anybody in the UK is willing to help, I would be most grateful
  8. Patrick Watts

    Best Live Maiden song

    What is the best Iron Maiden song played live? In my opinion, I think ROTM and Running Free are right up there. Also, Wrathchild at Monsters of Rock '92 and Rock in Rio deserves a special mention, due to Brice's incredibly unnatural scream in the bridge Discuss below
  9. Patrick Watts

    Best Iron Maiden epics

    As we know, Iron Maiden have many songs that go beyond misic's general 4 minute running time. These are the 'epics' which tell an incredible story throughout their length. But, which is your favourite? The Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden (1980) Killers - Killers (1981) Hallowed Be Thy Name -...