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    Official 2020 Tour Thread

    I'm from Israel and the first time I hear the rumour regarding the possible gig in my home country is here and now , 5 mins later a typical ignorant hater pops up. Keep your political views and your ignorance away from music. I bet you have no problems with Maiden playing in China or Indonesia.
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    My thoughts exactly :blink:
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    My opinion he was speaking in the context of the tour only. Recording new material in the studio is not the same as rehearsing their old songs/ playing live.
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    In the last videos from Cincinnati Bruce sounds great. I think they know what they're doing.
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    He was excellent in Quebec City, so I think you shouldn't worry too much.
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    It makes sense, but I still believe we'll have the announcement by the end of the year and maybe even the first single will be released, and then in March we'll have the album.
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    I was at the first Brooklyn show, and Bruce was struggling and didn't sound good at all. It was shocking because last year I found his performance amazing and powerful. I got the strong impression he was unwell or something. Lucky me I could buy a last moment ticket for Quebec City and to my...
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Thank you for the info,GhostofCain. I'll be there on that dates.
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    Favorite intro from a Maiden song

    Children of the damned Powerslave The Prophecy The Legacy Empire of the clouds
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Not sure if finished, but i'm pretty sure it's already recorded.
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    Blaze touring issues?

    But Blaze himself said it on several occasiosns that he he'd had problems with his voice.
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    Bruce Dickinson

    Agreed. Personally I don't care about musician's hair Bruce's or others , but my fiancee says she loves it, so do I.:D
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    What is your favorite Album Cover art - best to worst (singles not included).

    My favorites are : 1. Powerslave 2.A matter of life and death 3. Brave new world My least favorites are: 1. Virtual XI 2.The final frontier 3. The X factor
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    Misheard lyrics

    "Passing knowledge to those Who don’t know" I heard it like " Passing knowledge to those who aren't at home" "Have you run your fingers down the wall " was for me " Have you run your fingers down the hole"
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    Blaze Bayley

    I don't like Blaze's voice at all and i think him to be a mediocre singer, pretty monotonic and boring. Having said that i think music- wise his albums are not bad at all. I find at least 2-3 good tracks on every record, but not on the last one that's imo is lifeless.
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour Second Leg Rumours & Discussions

    It's a conversation, a book event like all others. It's shedueled the night before my wedding, but my fiancée and me we are going no matter what.
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    Here we go again...Iron Maiden sued over the rights of 6 songs

    Maiden's success is build on their music. Yes they have beautiful and interesting lyrics as well (mostly written by Bruce imho), but these lyrics came much later and had nothing to do with the early members. Even if true and Wilcock wrote these stupid lines ( and they're stupid no matter who...
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    Here we go again...Iron Maiden sued over the rights of 6 songs

    McKay is making a lot of noise trying to exaggerate Willcock's creative input , but let not us forget that's all about a couple of lines if true. It's nothing to do with the phenomenal success of the band . Dennis Willcock is a piece of nothing as a musician and created absolutely nothing...
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    Here we go again...Iron Maiden sued over the rights of 6 songs

    Ok guys i'm not a lawyer and i have no idea how it works in UK. My girlfriend and a friend of her wrote a screenpaly for the sudent's film. Two years later they were approched by the TV series producers to use their screenplay as an episode in the series. The girls honestly mentioned that...