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  1. Maturin

    Which is your favourite city?

    Tied between Stockholm and Edinburgh.
  2. Maturin


    Watched Ancient Apocalypse (2022) on Netflix. Pseudo-archaelogist/historian (pseudo-everything really) Graham Hancock goes on a rant towards archeologists and historians and how everyone is wrong and that there was an ancient advanced civilisation which died out at the end of the last ice-age...
  3. Maturin

    What is the most useless guitar effect pedal you ever had your hands on?

    No. The Boss CS-3 is awesome. Compression makes everything smoother and less spikey. If you play distorted you get this smoother feel, right? Well with a compressor you can add that to your cleans without the distortion. It's also good on distorted guitar, because you don't need as much...
  4. Maturin

    Best guitar & equipment forum on the internet?

    Late reply, but I would avoid and Reddit r/guitar and r/guitarpedals if you don't already have your stuff down. Lots of very bad advice and weird bias there.
  5. Maturin

    What is the most useless guitar effect pedal you ever had your hands on?

    I love the DS-1. It's still one of the best distortion pedals on the market. Bear with me, I've used it live and been complemented on my tone... Until I told them I was running a DS-1 into a clean channel on the Marshall JCM I borrowed. It cuts like nothing else, and at high volumes that tone is...
  6. Maturin

    Steve Harris

    Really like them. More the first album than the second because of the production. "These Are the Hands" is my favourite song by them, followed by "Lost Worlds". Great drumming, cool songwriting and a vocalist who's right down to my taste.
  7. Maturin


    Read A History of What Comes Next (2021) by Sylvain Neuvel. Being the author of Sleeping Giants and it's two sequels - I knew what I was getting into. Dialogue heavy, fast reading science fiction. This book is the start of another trilogy. Very similar to his previous efforts, except for taking...
  8. Maturin


    Watched the first season of House of the Dragon (2022) on HBO Max. Welcome to the new season of Netflix' The Crown. We added some fantasy elements, weird diseases, a bit of gore and seasoned it all with a bit of incest. - HBO Where Game of Thrones was relatively focused in time, this series...
  9. Maturin

    Dokken & Lynch Mob (and related bands) He explains the name change here.
  10. Maturin

    Best New Music - 2022 edition

    Chez Kane - "Children of Tomorrow Gone" off her new album Powerzone, out last Friday. Written, produced, engineered and performed by Crazy Lixx-vocalist/bandleader Danny with Chez on vocals.   Possibly my favourite song of 2022. I'm totally down for retro 80's music and Chez Kane really fills...
  11. Maturin


    Watched The Time Traveler's Wife (2022) on HBO. Started watching expecting it to be a 6 episode mini series. Last episode we realised it wasn't, and that a season 2 was planned and canceled. In the end, I felt I was pretty satisfied with the 6 episodes we were given. Some loose ends, but all...
  12. Maturin

    Dokken & Lynch Mob (and related bands)

    Not really a weird choice though. It was a weird thing to want to change it in the first place.
  13. Maturin


    Watched Rings of Power season 1. Expertly crafted narrative, sublime casting and beautiful visuals. I expected something like Disney's Star Wars films or series, instead I got something that is equal or in a few bits even surpassing Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies. Been on board since...
  14. Maturin


    No way, VII is the best!
  15. Maturin

    Guitar Pedals

    The MXR Super Badass is an AIB type of pedal and would be better suited to go straight into a clean channel. It's a Marshall Guv'nor clone I believe. Old style distortion pedals like the Boss DS-1 / MXR Dist+ would preferably go on a channel just breaking up a bit... Otherwise, for boosting an...
  16. Maturin


    Watched House of the Dragon episode 7. Jarring time jumps, recasts and rushed plot. This series is like Game of Thrones, just way worse. Unlike GoT which had a bigger threat looming, this is just fantasy political drama/soap opera all the way through without anyone to root for. Come get your...
  17. Maturin


    Watched Rings of Power episode 7 "The Eye". Enjoying this immensely. The big plot is moving slowly (good) and there are a lot of questions, but it's the little things like the dialogue feeling like it could have come directly from Tolkien - poetic, almost - as well as tremendous acting from the...
  18. Maturin

    What guitar do you play?

    You can do the same with the Boss NS-2... It's got a send/return. Put the noisy pedals in there and your tone will be unaffected.
  19. Maturin

    What guitar do you play?

    Definitely the V... Classic model. That is an ugly Explorer. I've got so many guitars there's literally zero out there I'd like to get. Nothing beats a Strat for me, and I've got enough Strats.
  20. Maturin

    The J.R.R. Tolkien Topic (publications and adaptations)

    Rings of Power is getting more things right with the languages than Peter Jackson's movies. Change my mind.