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    The most "iconic" line-up for IM

    Indeed.  Janick's been in the band longer than a lot of members of this forum (including me) have been alive.
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    Iced Earth

    I have to say, on first listen Dystopia sounds better than any of the previous three albums sounded on first listen, even factoring the "wow" factor of Barlow returning.  I'm still not sure I like Stu Block though.  Not because he's different from Matt, but because he's too similar.
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    Iced Earth

    And The Glorious Burden has Gettysburg, but that wasn't my point.  The albums before 2001 were much more consistent, and the latest two albums don't have even a single track that reaches the (overall) level of the previous albums.  I know most people like Horror Show a lot more than I do, but...
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    Iced Earth

    I'm just happy he hasn't gone the Death Magnetic route and extended the songs themselves too much.  But Schaffer's standards dropped tremendously after Something Wicked, so I'm not exactly expecting a new Dark Saga.
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    Forostar's Top 50 Iron Maiden songs

    Re: Forostar's Top 50 Iron Maiden songs This is one Top 50 I'll definitely be following.  You have some (a lot) heretical ideas sometimes but you usually justify them damn well too. :ok:
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    Random Song: Loutallica - The View

    They are the biggest, but they're also easily the worst live band of the Big Four IMO.  It just pisses me off that these so-called "Big 4" shows have Metallica playing three times as long as Anthrax and twice Megadeth and Slayer.  They could call it "Metallica feat. the smaller 3" and it would...
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    The Artist Formerly Known as Stallion Duck Ages...

    Happy birthday!
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    Song vs Song

    Burnt Offerings vs. When the Night Falls
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    Irori Maidiam

    A year ago I would have agreed, but I think I might actually prefer Blilb Guarraug nowadays.  Hellowolleh really disappointed me this summer.
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    Who knew Easter Island had a birthday?

    :hbd: I expect more epicness in the drunk posting section. :cheers:
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    Random Song: Loutallica - The View

    Metallica headlining the Big Four shows has got to be one of the greatest injustices in the history of music.  That was my opinion before hearing this.
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    Iced Earth

    Look at Jon in this video and you might lose interest again. ;)
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    Iced Earth

    Agreed.  Ripper at least sung the songs his own way, and even if he didn't make them better, they were at least interesting.  The Something Wicked Trilogy re-recording didn't match the quality of the original, but it's different enough that I listen to it occasionally.  I don't think that will...
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    European Politics

    Mathias Nygård, their main songwriter, is swedish-speaking, that might have something to do with it.  But I agree, the change from their first album to the second is somewhat strange.  Battle Metal is clearly inspired by Finnish mythology and culture, whereas The Varangian Way and Stand Up and...
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    Iced Earth

    + those of Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Turisas, etc. 
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    Always wondered..

    Ah, another great thousand_suns moment in that link. :D
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    Again, drunk posting.  I would hate to do this five times in a row, so someone else please post here... :ninja:
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    I hate giving stereotypic responses to a question like that, but I still have to say Angel of Death.  South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss come a close second.
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    Volley'd and thunder'd...

    Happy B-day!
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    Drunk posting, 'nuff said.  Carry on, folks.