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    Out of general interest, what do you guys consider a worthy cause or organisation to give charity for? Or, if you regularly or less regularly donate to charity, who do you give it to?  Big international organisations (Red Cross etc.), national ones, religious?  I'm interested.
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    The Maiden "Gallop"

    I'm a starting guitarist (3 months under my belt so far) and I've lately been trying to learn the "galloping" guitar of Maiden as seen in songs such as The Trooper.  I read the "Easy Maiden songs" thread and I got lots of use from SMX's advice, but I still am having troubles.  I've been trying...
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    Best song introductions?

    One of the reasons why I think Bruce is such a great frontman is how he introduces songs.  He doesn't just say "This is ___ from our new album ___", he has some really memorable introductions.  Best of all, they change at every show.  So what are your favourite song introductions by Bruce? ...
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    Great frontmen

    I don't recall there ever being a great deal of discussion on frontmen in this forum, though there are plenty of great frontmen in metal.  So who are your favourite frontmen?  Their singing ability doesn't matter (though it helps :D ), just how good frontmen they are.  And I don't think it's...
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    The most br00tal shit imaginable

    My friend challenged me to find a playlist of four songs which he couldn't listen to the end, so I was wondering if anyone here knew some unbearable sonic experiences I could pummel him with?  The only limitation is that it has to be music (released as music by a record label and Wikipedia has...
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    Where are the best audiences?

    Simple question(s): where do you think the best/most active/craziest (metal) audiences are?  In which region/country?  What about the worst?  Or do audiences even vary between areas?  Discuss. From what I've seen from various videos, South American audiences seem by far the craziest (e.g. Rock...
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    How much do you look like a metalhead?

    Interpret this question how you will: How much do you look like a stereotypical metalhead? Oh, and I placed this in the Madness forum since it would've ended up here anyway...  Now we don't even have to try to start serious. :P
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    Amon Amarth

    Just noticed that there hasn't been much discussion on these crazy Swedish vikings, so I thought I'd start one.  Anyone listen to Amon Amarth?  I've only gotten into them a few months ago (thanks to recommendations from here).  I saw them live today and they absolutely kicked arse; I've never...
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    Dark Tranquillity concert (2008)

    Holy shit... That's pretty much how I feel right now; it's 1 A.M. on Monday and just an hour ago Dark Tranquillity stopped playing. They had their very own Finnish tour of five gigs, with Omnium Gatherum opening in Helsinki. Not much to say about OG, to be honest; they seemed ok, but nothing...
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    Ripping DVDs: How legal?

    I've heard that there's some legal debate in the US about whether it's legal to rip a DVD for own use (e.g. for backing up).  So I was wondering, does anyone know what the situation is like in the EU/Europe?  (at least, I'd assume that the EU has a common policy)  And does this apply for all...
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    A Question about Blaze

    I found out today that Blaze is touring in Scandinavia in April, and am now considering going to a gig.  I haven't listened to any of Blaze's solo work before and probably will not have much of a chance to get any before the gig, so I'm wondering how many Maiden songs the band would be playing. ...
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    Musical advice, please?

    I'm going to my first festival in the summer, Tuska Open Air.  It's a finnish three-day metal-only festival.  I don't actually listen to any of the bands that will be playing there, but I'm going more for the experience.  Artists confirmed so far are: Slayer Dimmu Borgir Carcass Killswitch...
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    "Proof" for creationism

    I found a link to this funny video on another forum.  It's supposed "proof" for creationism and "disproves" evolutionism.  It's funny because it tries to have a serious outlook on the matter, but if you ask me, it fails dismally.  Some of that "logic" is so crazy that it made me laugh out loud. ...
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    Could someone recommend a good online music store

    I've been searching for the Alive in Athens CD for some time now in shops, with no success.  So I thought I'd just buy it from the internet.  However, I've never bought CDs online, so I'm not exactly familiar with any good online stores.  I tried which didn't have the CD (DVD only), and...
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    Iron Man - the Movie

    What do you think?  Looks really cheesy if you ask me, but anything with a good metal song in the trailer is good enough for me. :P
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    Dedicated to no5 for no specific reason

    I felt like doing a random poll, so I decided to have a poll of a specific number of track.  First I thought 3, but then I saw a post by no5 and decided to dedicate this to him just for the hell of it. :D  So, the number is five; your favourite of the tracks shown, and reasons please :)
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    Death Metal?

    Until now, I have almost completely ignored the death metal genre, but I have recently started having an interest in it.  So, can someone suggest some good, easily obtainable (read: not too underground) death metal bands?  Preferably a bit on the lighter side, but anything goes really.  I could...
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    Your dream set list?

    Quite simple; if you could choose a setlist for Maiden that you could hear at a concert, what would it be?  You can mix b-sides, any songs from any albums, etc.  Just what songs you would most like to hear live...  I guess it should fill a full concert, about two hours.  Note that this isn't...
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    Worst Derek Riggs album cover?

    Simple question: which is your least favourite album cover by Derek Riggs.  I would've done a general "worst album cover" but Dance of Death wouldn't stand a chance, so this is more interesting. For me, the answer is quite easy: The Number of the Beast.  I just think it doesn't match the detail...
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    Interesting argument

    I would assume the matter of global warming has been debated in the past on this forum, and I'm not trying to arouse that.  However, I found this interesting video a while ago, and I think that no matter what your stance is on the subject, the arguments provided here are pretty convincing...