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    A question about "The Number of the Beast" music video...

    This movie is also in there: The Devil Rides Out (1968) - one of the Hammer classics. The scene with the sitting devil that disappears in a smoke explosion is from this movie.
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    Small problem with Virtual XI.

    There are remasters of the two Blaze albums? I don't think so.
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    Blaze Bayley

    All kinds of interesting info has come up about the split now. Nico Bermudez answered all kinds of questions on the official forum.
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    Blaze Bayley

    Nope, she's not. Her name is Tiziana Arrigoni.
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    Annihilator Tour 2010

    Finally these guys are doing a proper tour again! 06.10. Antwerpen, BEL - Trix 07.10. Ludwigsburg, GER - Rockfabrik 08.10. Luxembourg, LUX - Den Atelier 10.10. Uden, NL - Pul 11.10. Frankfurt, GER - Batchkapp 12.10. Köln, GER - Stollwerk 14.10. Berlin, GER - C-Club 15.10. Hamburg, GER - Knust...
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    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    Re: Discussion thread for Final Frontier/El Dorado single Fantastic interpretation :)
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    The Longest Day

    Re: 'The Longest Day' Wow... this video leaves me totally stunned. Brilliant combination of music and picture.  :applause:
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    For the Greater Good of God

    Re: 'For The Greater Good Of God' Maybe you should try another band.  :innocent: This album is all what Maiden is about these days.
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    Bruce on a guitar

    It seems his guitar isn't plugged in though  ;)
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    For the Greater Good of God

    Re: 'For The Greater Good Of God' They aren't that similar in my opinion  :innocent:
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    Guitar solos on "A Matter of Life and Death"

    I could describe their styles again now, but that's been done to death. If you know enough about guitar playing and the guitarists of course, you should be able to figure it out instantly.
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    New interview by Bruce. In German, translation needed...

    Thank you :) Don't hesitate to ask on other occasions..
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    Advertisements in the middle of threads

    Adblock does a good job  :D
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    Guitar solos on "A Matter of Life and Death"

    It is - extremely uninspired. That doesn't bring the song down though  :)
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    New interview by Bruce. In German, translation needed...

    Did the translation very quickly... there are probably some mistakes...anyway, enjoy! Hey Bruce, you must be very proud of AMOLAD. Is it the album you always dreamt of since you rejoined Maiden? "I think it's one of the best albums we ever did and I am very proud of it. Soundwise it's...
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    teh nucomentry of amolad is hear!!!!!!!!11111

    You might be interested in this thread: ... topic=8843
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    Chart positions

    Re: TROBB Chart positions A source:
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    These Colours Don't Run

    Re: 'These Colours Don't Run' The first solo is played by Dave, not Janick  ;)
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    Steve harris annonces a possible end of Maiden after album number 15

    :rolleyes: He "announces" nothing! "Even from the beginning, I have said that Maiden will make 15 studioalbums. In that case, it’s only one left and it makes me sad" what a load of bollocks! Of course... from the beginning he said they will make 15 albums... ridiculous, he NEVER said that. I...
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    It's That Time Again

    go to "My Controls" and there to "board settings" and activate DST feature