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  1. The Mid-Distance Runner

    The Australian Election 2016

    The Liberal Party (right wing) has controlled Government for the last three years. This weekend we have a federal election to determine if the right wing or left wing assumes power. The Liberal Party is expected to retain power. The usual right v left stuff...the right believes in trickle down...
  2. The Mid-Distance Runner

    5 Maiden solos that memorably surpass the impact of a fantastic solo immediately prior to it

    ...not necessarily the best Maiden solos of all time, but those that take a song to a higher level following straight after a prior rockin' solo. Make sense? Good.. 1) Adrian's Caught Somewhere in Time solo - Dave leads off with a minute long legato-fest yet Adrian's follow up is unforgettable...
  3. The Mid-Distance Runner

    Kevin Shirley is mixing more Maiden..

    Taken from the Caveman's FB page this morning (2Oct) ... "Leave Munich for L.A. tomorrow - and on to Iron Maiden mixing for the next couple of weeks!" Most likely a Maiden England 2013 live album but perhaps Kevin is tinkering with an AMOLAD stage one tour recording...?
  4. The Mid-Distance Runner

    King Diamond to play live in 2012!

    King Diamond is finally back after a six year absence due to King's debilitating back injury and more recently a triple bypass. King recently played live with his other band, Mercyful Fate, as a guest at Metallica's 30th birthday and pulled off an epic performance. This gig raised the hopes of...
  5. The Mid-Distance Runner

    Is Still Life the titletrack to Piece of Mind?

    ...or is it Revelations? Is For The Greater Good of God the unofficial titletrack of AMOLAD ? What of Virtual XI? Has this been posted before...I couldn't find it.
  6. The Mid-Distance Runner

    Whistling Maiden

    I seem to recall in the weeks leading up to the release of A Matter Of Life And Death the band allowed fans to listen to The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns and Different World on their website.  It was brilliant!  I wonder what kind of taster they have for us this...
  7. The Mid-Distance Runner

    Live After Death

    Murders In The Rue Morgue was played in Hammersmith on the World Slavery tour.  I wonder why the boys didn't include it on Live After Death with the other Hammersmith tracks... And considering it was a tour to promote Powerslave, a bit weird not to include Losfer Words on the album.  Again, a...