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    Annihilator Tour 2010

    Finally these guys are doing a proper tour again! 06.10. Antwerpen, BEL - Trix 07.10. Ludwigsburg, GER - Rockfabrik 08.10. Luxembourg, LUX - Den Atelier 10.10. Uden, NL - Pul 11.10. Frankfurt, GER - Batchkapp 12.10. Köln, GER - Stollwerk 14.10. Berlin, GER - C-Club 15.10. Hamburg, GER - Knust...
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    Spelling Mistakes On Forum Index

    I noticed a few spelling mistakes on the forum index in the "Metal For Life" section... Metal For Life News Any metal news should go in here. All non-news team members can submit news to the "Un-apporved news" forum below. Unnaproved News Please post metal news in here and the moderators can...
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    Top Ten B L A Z E Songs

    1. Stare At The Sun 2. Ghost In The Machine 3. Truth Revealed/Meant To Be 4. Leap Of Faith 5. Blood And Belief 6. Kill And Destroy 7. Tenth Dimension 8. Regret 9. Born As A Stranger 10. Speed Of Light Something like that - changes quite often Moderator edit: Check out this page, guys: [a...
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    "Where Eagles Dare" in summer setlist?

    Bruce said the following on his Rock Show: "I never realized there's so many verses in Where Eagles Dare! ... Seriously, *humming the tune* It's snowing outside the rumbling sound of engines roar in the night ... *humming the tune* The panicking cries the roaring of guns ... *humming the tune*...
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    Searching for DOD Bootleg (26.11.03 Hamburg, GER)

    I am searching for this bootleg - anyone got it? And if yes, how is the quality?