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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Copy that tab and refresh one of those two tabs to see what happens. Have a third tab open with the plan of the venue - if your order gets canceled, FOS should appear as available, then try to buy again.
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    They keep popping up. Just continue refreshing the page. I've didn't knew they divided standing tickets into left and right sector, I don't know if that's something Eventim did or will there really be barriers. Anywho, TICKET BOUGHT! I believe some meet-up is in order since so many people...
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    @matic22 Sorry, finger probably slipped (Matić is most common surname in Croatia). I agree with most of your posts, but I wanted to point out that this trend didn't started in a last year or so and it didn't start with Maiden. I thinks it was mid-2010s when ticket prices skyrocketed (with...
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    THE FUTURE PAST TOUR - The Setlist Contest!

    1. Hell on Earth 2. Sea of Madness 3. 2 Minutes to Midnight 4. Stranger in a Strange Land 5. The Number of the Beast 6. Heaven Can Wait 7. Time Machine 8. Hallowed Be Thy Name 9. Days of Future Past 10. The Parchment 11. Fear of the Dark 12. Iron Maiden ------------------------- 13. Writing on...
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    Alternate Album Titles

    1. Punk Attack 2. Songs 3. Hail Satan 4. Too Lame to Brand 5. The Mummy 6. Somewhere in 2019 7. In the Land of Snow and Ice and Frost and Snow and Other Cold Things 8. NPFTD - Now Prance For the Dance 9. Walk in the Park 10. British Idol 11. FIFA '98 12. Brave New Bruce (and Adrian) 13...
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    I don't think so. Last gig (2022) was sold out. Previous one were also pretty full. And not only Maiden are cheaper, a lot of other acts are also way cheaper (for example, Dream Theater was 40% cheaper than in other EU contires last spring, Opeth too.)
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Croatia was always way cheaper. Ticket prices did rise over the years but not as much as in other EU countries. It is one of the main reasons why I stopped going abroad for gigs - for any bigger act seating upper tier tickets don't go below 100 euros and standing tickets go above 200 euros. Even...
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    The Future Past tour 2023

    Sorry to break my hiatus like this and barge in but...
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    Steve Harris

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    @JudasMyGuide @Perun Aw man, I wish we were at some bar or coffee shop discussing this. I've re-read your posts a couple of times and got a lot to say, but I'm afraid my thoughts will be lost as I write this. Let me just say that I enjoyed the book and I enjoyed the movie (which I watched...
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    What five albums collectively represents Maiden's catalogue the best?

    Ah, silly Maiden thread time! But you sold it so nicely, I'm in! Mind you, some things I'll say should not be taken seriously. Don't know which yet. Let's go! (chronologically) Killers (1981) When people describe the debut album with "raw" or "rough" I don't know if they mean production or the...
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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    I've read this post and I remembered that Elton John song where the line goes "'s sad, so sad. It's a sad, sad situation..." And it's also a life lesson. Life lesson being this: If you have one goal and the attitude "ends-justify-the-means" - you'll eventually get there. No matter the...
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    In past few months, I've read: The Shining by Stephen King - After reading his On Writing I've decided to read something of his to see this style he's talking about. The style is there, all right. The story? This might be one of those rare cases where the movie is better than the book. Come...
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    Senjutsu - Eight Months Later

    History of MaidenFans Forum in one picture:
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    Dream Theater

    Saw Dream Theater the other week. For the first time. It was a fun experience. Already being in Zagreb, Croatia and seeing Maiden, and having no one else to go with, I decided to come early and position myself right on the barrier in front of Petrucci's mic. Something I haven't done in a decade...
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    Can we be best friends?
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    Bruce nasty to fans??

    Can't spell "Dickinson" without "dick"...
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    Spinal Tap sequel in the works

    Never even heard of it until now. Are we talking about this: ? Was it also shot in the same vein as the original?
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    rate all 17 Maiden albums best to worst

    Not sure about classic, but definitely underrated. I think being released after AMOLAD didn't help, if it came out after Dance of Death I think people would go bonkers over it.
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    Trying to keep up track of Opeth tour announcements and dates, and I feel like I'm on the fifth season of "LOST". I have a ticket for Sep '22, which was announced 3 years ago and postponed two or three times. It supposed to be new album tour, but in between those cancelations, they announced "By...